Song of the Month: March

Whenever you see “Drake feat. Rick Ross” or “Rick Ross feat. Drake” you know you are in for a treat. Their collaborative work over the past decade goes without saying. Some of their most standout collabs together are “Aston Martin Music” (2010), “Lord Knows” (2011), “Stay Schemin” (2012), “Money in the Grave” (2019), etc. It’s 2021 and these two are still delivering some of their best collaborative efforts. “Lemon Pepper Freestyle” is produced by Boi-1nda, who is a well-known hip-hop producer and has worked with Drake & Rick Ross solely, while also having some assistance from Austin Powerz (AP). This track came along with 2 other Drake songs on his “Scary Hours 2” EP, but his collaboration with Ross is the best one of the three.

Both rappers are well-acclaimed & have accomplished a lot throughout their careers and they let it be known as they brag/boast about their lifestyles on this track. Boi-1nda used a nice clever sample from a song called “Pressure” from the electronic soul duo “Quadron.” If you go back and listen to this song you notice he takes the soulful vocals from one point in the song and loops it throughout the background of “Lemon Pepper Freestyle.” Given the vocals/sample, you immediately can tell this is the perfect beat for both Drake & Ross. As Rozay starts his verse off, a smooth soft drum kick starts, which was a nice touch by Boi-1nda. Ross reminds us throughout his verse how he is one of the wealthiest rappers in the game as he can live lavishly and also splurge whenever he wants to. Although Ross’ verse is not one of his best when looking at all the collabs between the two, still a solid verse nonetheless. Drake, on the other hand, may have given one of his best verses ever. Like his fellow peer and mentor, Jay Z, Drake stands out best when he just effortlessly raps/brags on his lifestyle cause there is simply just too much he has done throughout his career thus far.

“You just found a bottle with the messages
These days, fame is disconnected from excellence
Half the time, I gotta ask niggas what they profession is
Ushered a generation in, these are where my confessions live…”

One great rapping technique Drake always showcases is good wordplay. He solidly uses it in these lines, referencing Usher’s name and his “Confessions” album to how influential he has been in his career. Not the best wordplay we’ve seen from Drake, but worth noting and also is just one of the many gems throughout his verse.

“Yeah, dropped him off at school, big day for my lil man
Recess hits, daddy probably made another M
School bell rings and I’m out there to get him again
Yeah, teacher-parent meetings, wives get googly-eyed
Regardless of what they husbands do to provide
Askin’ if I know Beyonce and Nicki Minaj
Of course, pull up to the front in the fleet of Suburbans
Flooded French Immersion with the Secret Service
Shit is so obvious, it defeats the purpose…”

Drake has been known to get a little personal and give us some real spill in his verses in the past. He does it again in these few lines as he talks about what goes on when he drops his son Adonis off at school. To me, it sounds like Drake himself is even surprised by the attention he gets whenever he drops his son off. He points out that married women go crazy and just lose their grip on reality whenever he is in the room. I’m sure we’re well aware of how secure transportation is for people of high status, such as Drake. If you’ve noticed, people of high status, use the black Suburban vehicles for their transportation. Being a man of Drake’s status surely does demand that kind of security, but he questions the purpose of the whole transportation process because as I said before, it’s an organized transportation of big black Suburban vehicles, which stands out a lot in traffic. These lines may not be very memorable for some, but for me, it was cause I just thought it was dope how the 6 God was able to get personal and also boast at the same time.

“…Hamdan Mohammed like my third cousin, Facts
Mansoor Mohammed like my real brother, Facts
Dubai embrace me like a Emirati, Facts
All my Rolls-Royces got a different body, Facts
Mansory, kitted out with every option, Facts…”

Drizzy lets us know about his relations with other highly acclaimed people in the world. He talks about his close ties with the likes of Hamdan Mohammed who is the Prince of Dubai, The United Arab Emirates, and also Mansoor Mohammed, who is the chairman of the Dubai International Marine Club and son of the ruler of Dubai.

In my February song of the month article, I noted that what makes Jay Z so great and what separates him from other rappers, is the fact that there are things that only HE can say/rap about. Well, that same distinctive feature applies to Drake, there are not many rappers that can match his status and acclaim which makes it different when he brags in his raps. Even though Ross’ verse was short, Drake carried the weight in this song enough to make them both look great. This is definitely one of their best collaborations. There hasn’t been any other song in March that can match up to this one. “Lemon Pepper Freestyle” is the song of the month for March.

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