Song of the Month: April

I will say, so far for deciding the song of the month, April was definitely the hardest one yet. Only because I feel like there wasn’t enough good music to choose from. Therefore, the clear cut choice for me is “Solid’ by YSL (feat. Drake), this song can be found on the YSL compilation album “Slime Language 2.” I do also feel like “Ski” is an honorable mention, due to how popular it became on Tik-Tok along with the dance. Even though “Ski” has a dope beat along with a cool/fun dance, I don’t think it is as enjoyable as “Solid” is unless you’re doing the dance with it.

You honestly can never go wrong with a Drake feature. The beat on “Solid” kicks off right away and leads into the hook. The hook is honestly the best part of the song to me. The transition of the hook going from Drake to Gunna is somewhat similar to a nice clean transition alley-oop, I love that they both split the hook.

“Find me somewhere out in London, you know that’s the hideaway
I need some head and some moral support from you right away
Since I been making donations, see you United Way (You know I do)
Stories you told me bout him, I can see that it’s night and day (He told me the truth) Walkin from here to my bedroom, it feel like it’s miles away (There’s too many rooms)”

“And I’m still hard body, I don’t fear nobody Phantom whips I’m ridin, all my friendships solid I get big deposits, all my whips exotic”

Reading the lyrics may not be as appealing to you however with the beat and also the melodic delivery both Drake & Gunna use to make it so enjoyable and also replayable. The song consists of all 3 artists talking about their lavish lifestyles and also their friendships/relationships that come with it. There are not too many songs that Drake can’t hop on, he showcases his versatility once again and floats effortlessly on this beat, while Young Thug gives a solid verse as well.

Now although in this song there are no top-notch verses from either artist, the hook is wavy and catchy enough to stand out the most, which is also why to me there wasn’t another song that comes close to it for April.

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