Hot Take Thursday

Hello! In this article I will go and look through 5 hot takes that twitter users have sent me and I will look into them, saying whether I agree or disagree and why. Let’s get started

1. Chandler Jones is winning come back player of the year

No, but top 5 for sure

Look, I love watching myself some Chandler Jones. The man is a very underrated pass rusher and he has been for years, including being snubbed from the top ten by everyone’s least favorite PFF. However, there’s two players who I see being above him for that award even if Chandler Jones goes on a tear. In a league where a lot of the awards are QB oriented and after seeing how gruesome the injury was it’ll be incredibly hard not to give this award to Dak if he has even just a solid regular season and leads Dallas to an NFC Least crown. Another player that I see winning it way before Chandler is Derwin James. After missing two seasons coming off a dominant rookie year, if he returns to that form, no matter how good Chandler is, they will recognize Derwin more. He’ll get more recognition from voters f he has an amazing season from Chandler. Now do I agree with this take? No. However, this is highly in the realm of possibility, especially if Chandler replicates his 19.5 sack performance from 2019. Moderately hot.

Grade: 3.5/5

2. Zaven Collins will be a bust.

Probably not, honestly depends on how Vance uses him in the scheme.

I’ve been more optimistic about the 6’4 linebacker from Tulsa than some others, if you put him in the middle next to Simmons, if used properly by Vance, will be a force to be reckoned with in a few years. That’s the issue however, Vance does have his moments but as we watched with Simmons, showed his levels of incompetence, however, I believe that if he’s used incorrectly after this season, Vance will be fired and have someone who knows how to use the duo correctly. With amount of IQ that Zaven has along with the football skills and athleticism, there’s a slim chance he’ll bust, at the worst mediocre.

Grade: 1.5/5

3. We will go 6-11 this year and will clean house in the coaching staff

No way we go 6-11, could see a coaching staff revamp however if we miss the playoffs.

Now, I could see us having a 7-10 to 9-8 record but I don’t know how we can be substantially worse, even with Kliff, when we upgraded at every position. Now, if we miss the playoffs however, this does have ground to it. Not only would the coaching staff be fired but we may look to cut some veterans on the team and restart the rebuild… again. I think we will make the playoffs but from a logical standpoint, this take makes a lot of logical sense. 6-11 just seems to low.

Grade: 4/5

4. Chase Edmonds will have 1500 scrimmage yards.

At first I went no, but on second thought….

At first, my initial thoughts were: “Oh god, that’s nearly impossible, there’s 0% chance he hits that milestone!”, but then the more I thought about it, the more I began to 2nd guess myself. Edmonds, as the secondary back, had 850 total scrimmage yards while backing up Kenyan Drake for the entire season. While I’m firm of the belief that Edmonds probably isn’t a workhorse running back, with almost double the touches projected next year, he should be able to reach that goal. If we took Drake’s 239 carries and went to apply that to Chase’s YPC, his rushing yards would be 1.1k total, which would already put him in that 1500 total including receiving yards. While I don’t know if his YPC will stay at that 4.6 as the new “#1” running back, with the amount of touches he will get next year, he should at least be around that vicinity, and if he does that, that just adds another dynamic to this offense.

Grade: 4.5/5

5. Conner 10 TDs

If used the way I believe he will be intended, absolutely.

Conner, while definitely not great, nor a top back, can be used amazing in goal line situations (If Kliff gets his act together and doesn’t make a 1-2 punch). Here are a few of his redzone touchdowns that demonstrate both his physicality, and knack for getting into the endzone.

All three of those plays, while the second one being super easy, is exactly the way Kliff and Arizona should use James, goal line, physical back who will give us that one to two yards whether it be in the endzone or in a fourth-and-short situation. If he’s used in that way, it’ll be super easy for him to hit that ten-touchdown mark. Now please don’t mess this up, Kliff.

Grade: 10 touchdowns/5

And those are our takes for today! I had a lot of fun making this article and thinking to myself about all these hot takes coming from our fanbase. Can’t wait to see this team play come September. If we all don’t die by then.

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