Summer Scouting: Treylon Burks, WR, Arkansas

Treylon Burks of the Arkansas Razorbacks is one of the many wide receivers getting hyped up as a first round guy. He possesses not only excellent athleticism but size as well. Arkansas has him listed at 6-foot-3, 225-pounds and he certainly looks the part. Most guys with his build are often viewed as an “X” or “Z” receiver, someone who can win at the line-of-scrimmage as well as down the field. However, this is not the role that Burks plays for the Razorbacks. He is oftentimes lined up in the slot (the “Y” receiver position) and is asked to win in space and use the space created by the offense to make plays with the ball in his hands. Due to this fact, his route tree is limited and he holds more of a gadget-type role within the offense. For him to be in that “WR1” conversation (like he has been talked about early on in the process), he will need to show the ability to win outside against press coverage, as well as expanding his route tree.


  • Maintains speed through breaks.
  • Can be used creatively, been used in the backfield, on jet sweeps and such.
  • Stops on a dime.
  • RAC, requisite speed and can make people miss.
  • Contested catches, making snags over the middle.
  • Vertical Threat
  • Fluid mover for his size.
  • Not afraid to do the dirty work as a blocker.
  • Settles in soft spots of zone coverage, QB’s best friend.
  • Consistent hands, doesn’t have many drops on his tape.


  • Very small route tree, simple routes as well.
  • Getting off contact, lets DBs hang too close, doesn’t hand fight much.
  • Doesn’t run routes with speed variance.
  • Lacks nuance and creativity in his routes.
  • Uses his body to help reel in catches.
  • Operates primarily on the slot, not very many reps v. press coverage.

2021 Season Statistics:

51 receptions, 820 receiving yards, 16.1 yards per reception, 7 touchdowns, 15 rushing attempts, and 75 yards in 9 games played

Preliminary Round Grade:

7.00 – Second Round Grade

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