State Of The Yankees: June 2021

Let’s be Frank… not great. For the first time in a long time, the Yankees are in the bottom half of the league in total offense. Everyone came into the year worried about pitching, and even without Kluber the rotation has not been bad. Let’s get into what’s wrong and how to fix it.

The Yankees Big Issue:

Yes, hitting is an issue. Yes, we spend a lot of money on hitters. We don’t need new bats, we need good baseball players. The outfield rotation of Miguel Andújar, Clint Frazier, and Brett Gardner just does not work. If you can’t field, you should not be starting for an MLB team. Baserunning outs kill an offense and so do double plays, to things that are all too common for New York this year.

Aaron Boone keeps saying we need to “turn the corner” and then continues to make the same mistakes. Stanton did not play in the finale of the Red Sox series… TWO DAYS after Boone said he would be playing every game this week. Not only did Boone say this and then went back on it, but the Yankees did not play the next day so he got 2 days back to back of rest. Boone is seemingly making lineups out of nowhere however he pleases.

How to fix the Yankees

People will say “Fire Cashman and fire Boone”, It is not going to happen. If the Yankees can make a trade for a guy like Ketel Marte, a utility guy for the DiamondBacks, who is amazing on defense we would be in a much better spot. Andújar, has been improving quickly for a guy who has only been in left for a year and a half so I believe in him. By the end of June the Yankees expect to have Voit, O’Day, Severino and Britton back. Those 4 drastically change this team and if the Yankees can be 5 or less games back of first in the AL East, they might be able to make a run at the title.

Now if this year is a wash, then you have to bring up Jasson Dominguez. He will be 19 in February and is the most hyped prospect in MLB history. The Yankees could blow it up but it feels like the wrong move for New York at this point. I still have hope.

Yankee fans need to see something in order to stay positive. If that doesn’t happen, then Yankee fans will very hard to win over as we come down the stretch, but hey, Go Yanks.

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