Miguel Andujar: Here to Stay

After his stock hits an all time low, Miguel Andujar has been on a hot streak while the rest of the Yankees offense was slumping. Now, as the rest of line-up is heating up and Andujar is leading the charge. Andujar has a chance to be the Yankees left fielder of the future and here’s why.

Manager Aaron Boone said on June 8th Andujar’s hot streak, gives him some leeway in the batter’s box. That night, Andujar hits a 449 foot solo shot. Now that Andujar is not fighting for his job every day, he looks more comfortable on the diamond.

Why Should You get on the Miggy Hype Train?

Simple. We don’t have anyone in Leftfield and he has become a consistent hitter. Andujar has not been in left long and he is improving quickly which is awesome to see. Over the last 7 games Andujar is batting .296 with 5 HRs, 6 RBIs, and 10 hits.

Beyond that, Andujar has made great strides in the field. Boone giving him some leeway let’s Andujar relax about losing his spot. Miggy is now confident that he can stay in the line-up so his fielding has improved. Hopefully, this continues and he becomes a great fielder and a main stay of the Yankees for a long time.

Is This a Fluke?

No, Andujar has always has had this in him. All Miggy needed was confidence and he was ready to go. Will he always be red hot, no that’s not how life works. However, I believe he will continue to steadily move up in the eyes of the organization.

Obviously, Andujar is not a gold glover. Hopefully, the strides he made this year continue and they don’t stop for as long as he’s a Yankee. Less errors and a lot more impressive plays have been great for Andujar’s development. With the Yankees struggling on defense anything helps.

All in all, Miggy is up next. Hopefully, he is the left fielder of the future in New York and they can turn the season around. This Twins series and Andujar’s hot streak can help do that.

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