What to do with Clint Frazier

The Yankees’ have been struggling this year. Some holes need to be filled, and Clint Frazier seems to be losing his grip on a starting outfield position, with the resurgence of Andujar and the need for Lefty hitting.

I think it’s time to move Clint. A fresh start would greatly benefit him and if you move him for a guy like Ketel Marte, a lefty who can play anywhere, then you change the identity of this Yankees team. As for Clint, he clearly needs some sort of consistency and the Yankees can’t give him that.

Why the move is good for the Yankees:

Well, first off any move is a good move for this struggling team. Change can revitalize a team and bring new energy to the clubhouse. With all of New York calling for the head of Boone and Cashman, they need to make a move to salvage their jobs. Clint feels like a needed casualty to save the year. With Jasson Dominguez being the OF of the future Clint just doesn’t have a long term spot.

If Ketel Marte is what the Yankees get in return, they will probably have to give up a Pitcher from the farm as well. He is very versatile and gives the Yankees a good left handed bat. It would also give the Yankees the freedom to move DJ to the 2 hole. The offense would look completely different.

Why the move is good for Clint Frazier:

Frazier deserves a starting spot. The need for lefties in the Yankee lineup has stopped Clint from keeping his starting spot and held him back in the batter’s’ box. Clint Frazier needs to move on; the Diamondbacks would be great for him.

If Marte gets traded for Clint, then Clint becomes the starting center fielder in Arizona and would get a huge confidence boost. He would be able to get into a flow and hopefully thrive in the desert. Frazier has shown he can be reliable if he can have consistent at-bats.

I think every Yankee fan would be happy for Clint if he went elsewhere and succeeded. Let Clint shine somewhere else and help the Yankees at the same time. It is best for both parties just to move on.

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