How Does Dougie Hamilton Fit With the Blues?

The St. Louis Blues have a lot of missing pieces on their roster, but there are a few names available that could help give them a much needed boost. However, one of the names mentioned has been star defenseman, Dougie Hamilton. The Blues need to make some moves this off-season, and adding a star defender like Hamilton could be the key. However, just how well would he fit on the Blues roster looking ahead?

Hamilton, is currently ranked as my third overall defender, and a top 35 player in the NHL. The talent is there and could give the Blues another very good player to help spark their team. After Faulk’s big season, signing Krug this past off-season, having Parayko healthy next season, Mikkola looking to take a step up as well as Jake Wahlman, they are on their way. Being able to add another very good defender into the rotation like Hamilton could be a big piece of the puzzle the Blues were missing this past season.

After the loss of Alex Pietrangelo, the Blues needed to find another offensive defenseman who could play that role. The Blues are in search of a new leader and Hamilton can fill that void left behind with ease. As a elite offensive defenseman, he could become a beloved part of the Blues roster. If the Blues can compile a defensive rotation that could consist of Faulk, Krug, Parayko, Hamilton, Wahlman, and Mikkola, they could have a great rotational defense.

One of the biggest problems this past season was that, for an offensive team they didn’t put up the offensive numbers, and they were not a good enough defensive team to make up for their lack of offense. Losing Edmundson hurt them majorly and was a big factor on the Binnington downfall this past season. Without a stay-at-home defender, Binnington was seeing a lot more shots this past season that resulted in more goals allowed and more losses as a team. Hamilton, although not a stay at home defender could be a big piece to the puzzle that the Blues are searching for going into next season.

No one should have to face 40-50 shots a game, but Binnington was faced with those numbers multiple times last season. Adding some offense should be a priority to the Blues as well as adding a stay-at-home defender but with the addition of Hamilton, they could be on their way and would have a great start to their off-season rejuvination.

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