Reaction: SGA trade rumors…

For the Thunder the off-season started earlier than OKC fans are conditioned to, playing their last game at home against the Clippers in a game in which they won 117-112 in regulation. Since then, the off-season began and for most of it, it has been pretty quiet. But, rumors recently started swirling on Twitter that the Thunder were “open to” shopping Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, the one name you would think Sam Presti would declare off-limits.

Since the rumors started, some WILD trade scenarios have been put out there. One I recently saw that included OKC sending SGA, Kemba Walker, and a 2023 unprotected first-round pick to the Bulls, in exchange for Thaddeus Young, Coby White, and Zach Lavine. Um, thanks, but no thanks.

Now, I feel like I’m stating the obvious here, but I’m about 95% sure the Thunder are NOT open to the idea of trading SGA. Doing so would make zero sense. The Thunder are rebuilding, and SGA is only 22 years old which puts him right on track with the Thunder’s trajectory. The only way I could see the Thunder play around with the idea of trading SGA would be if it involved the number one pick. So, my message to other NBA teams? unless you’re the Detroit Pistons, don’t get your hopes up. And Thunder fans, rest easy.

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