Stanley Cup Recap

The Tampa Bay Lightning were were able to take the first three games, but in the final game in Montreal, the Canadiens were able to take an overtime victory in game four. After going back to Tampa Bay, the Lightning were able to go back home and win the Stanley Cup for the second year in a row.

First Period

Montreal Canadiens: The Montreal Canadiens were coming off a overtime win, and were playing a strong defensive game in hopes of finding a way to comeback in the series. After an aggressive start, they appeared overmatched and scared to face Tampa head on. They were playing a defensive minded game for most of the first period in order to make things easier on Carey Price, I presume. Although they looked overmatched, they were able to stay in the game through the first period. There is a lot of missing parts to the Canadiens game, but they needed to continue looking on the backdoor against Vasilvesvisky.

Tampa Bay Lightning: The Tampa Bay Lightning were looking extremely strong in the first period and were making it difficult on the Canadiens to have any control. Lightning having as good a team as they have, they were making sure that Point, and Kucherov were a big part of the offense. They had a lot of great scoring chances in the first period that put the Canadiens on full alert. After not taking advantage of certain opportunities near the goal, and not keeping Price shielded, they were not showing their best offensive performances. They needed to get Stamkos involved and let him get right after a first period that was underwhelming.

Second Period

Montreal Canadiens: The Montreal Canadiens played a very strong first period and were able to hold the Lightning scoreless. However, the were beaten on a backdoor pass by Savard that put the Lightning up 1-0. They looked extremely strong throughout the period but struggled to execute on multiple chances. The Lightning had a 3-1 and after a mishandle by Josh Anderson, there most likely chance was wasted. They needed to keep the Lightning in a period of unsafety though in order to stay in the game and create chances for some of their elite goal scorers and play makers.

Tampa Bay Lightning: The Lightning were able to strike first on a pass by Savard to Ross Colton. After a strong performance and catching lucky breaks they were able to get on the board first and keep the Canadiens scoreless. Playing with great defense and a strong offensive showing, it’s not surprise that the Lightning were the team to strike first.

Third Period

Montreal Canadiens: The Canadiens were finding themselves in the offensive zone for a large portion of the game, but were unable to finish anything. Vasilvesvisky was able to shut down the Montreal offense that left them scoreless in the game.

Tampa Bay Lightning: The Lightning were able to do what was needed in order to walk away with the cup. After winning it last season, the Tampa Bay Lightning have now won it back-to-back years and will be looking to win again next season.

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