Now is a Good Time to Talk About how Sneaky Awesome John Offerdahl was in Tecmo Super Bowl

If you’re like me, you’re on the verge of some sort of panic situation due to lack of football news. Not sure about you, but rookies signing their deals don’t really do it for me. We’re in the dog days of the NFL year. The league never sleeps but July is a month where not much happens until training camp starts on July 27. Guess we’ll just have to live some of that life Tony was talking about.

Though I’m just pacing around my house debating on if I’m going to day drink or not, I still feel it’s important to get content out there. I’m a company man so I know I need to deliver the goods and I’m glad I have this mentality because I’ve been thinking about this topic for a while and that is that John Offerdahl was downright excellent in Tecmo Super Bowl.

I very recently retrieved my NES from my parent’s house and hooked it up in my basement. Let me tell you, it’s a bit jarring and a little funny seeing an NES right next to an X-Box 360. It’s also a bit mind-blowing seeing Tecmo Super Bowl, Super Mario 3, and Tetris on a 65in flat screen. I have to imagine that the Nintendo creators never thought of a world where people would be able to play the original Nintendo on a screen like that. What a time to be alive.

Tecmo Super Bowl, not to be confused with it’s older brother Tecmo Bowl, is up there for me for favorite video game off all time. It’s either this or Goldeneye. Tecmo Bowl was good but it didn’t have that Super in it. It’s that and a lot of other stuff why Tecmo Super Bowl is the superior game.

As I began playing with the Dan Mario led Miami Dolphins, I quickly fell back into my old style of always starting with the play-action boot and throwing an 82 yard TD to Mark Clayton. I hope Clayton is using his production capability on Tecmo Super Bowl to bolster his Hall of Fame case. I would. I always enjoyed the Dolphins playbook. I think it’s a good mix of downhill runs and pass plays that offer a little of everything.

The bootleg is deadly especially with Duper and Clayton out there. The post to Ferrell Edmunds, who’s a Pro-Bowler, is tough to defend, and the all curls play out of the gun is necessary especially against playoff teams and users. I love the playbook and how it conforms to the talents of the 1991 Miami Dolphins.

But this blog is about John Offerdahl. Here’s a little history lesson on John Offerdahl. Offerdahl was the 52nd pick of the 1986 draft out of Western Michigan. He played eight seasons all with the Dolphins. He made five Pro-Bowls and made the All-Pro team in 1990.

Here’s what John Offerdahl looked like in reality:

Digital John Offerdahl was just as fierce maybe even more. In Tecmo Super Bowl, Offerdahl isn’t a guy you think of when you’re thinking about what linebackers to use to demolish defenses. Players such as Lawerence Taylor, Derrick Thomas, and Mike Singletary, rightfully so, get most of the publicity when it comes to game wrecking front seven players.

The fine folks at, who are doing God’s work, have rankings off all the players in the game. They actually have a formula as well on how they determine Madden like rankings. I’d explain it to you but it’s beyond me. Here is where Offerdahl falls on the linebacker scale.

Offerdahl is ranked #22. You look at that ranking especially if you’re someone who has used the Dolphins and you know that he’s ranked a bit to low. But you also know that Offerdahl more than holds his own, and for a Dolphin’s team that is mostly an offensive juggernaut in Tecmo, having a player the caliber of Offerdahl rounds out the entire team.

The rest of the Dolphin’s defense aren’t pushovers either. Cliff Odom and Jeff Cross are solid and in the backend, Louis Oliver, one of my all-time favorites, and Jarvis Williams are more than suitable to stop the likes of Montana, Moon and QB Bills and Eagles.

But Offerdahl was always the lunchpale guy I would manually use and it has brought many victories, Super Bowls, and bragging rights in the Northeast PA area. His tenacity in reality and in the digital world of Tecmo is something to be admired. If you’re ever in a spot where you have to play Tecmo Super Bowl for your life or something like that(I’d love to see the circumstance that led you to have to play Tecmo for your life), taking the Dolphins is a smart move because not only do you get Dan Marino, who is lights out, but you get a gritty defense led by one of the stealthiest and underrated players in the game in John Offerdahl.

Have a wonderful recovery day and remember that real football is coming. Blogs like this are meant to be fun so don’t get annoyed. Eventually, you’ll be able to consume all the content you want about hand placement, hip movement and one handed catches by everyone in the league that will make y’all feel tingly. Until then, content creators, such as myself, will still generate content regardless if it breaks the Devin Bush 400 views threshold.

By the Way- I took the picture of Offerdahl getting the safety by myself. What I won’t do for the people astonishes even me.

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