Sark’s First Class on the Verge of being Special?

Recruiting is the life line of College football and Sark (and Co.) have been known for their ace recruiting. Today we jump into the current state of the 2022 recruiting class. We will be taking a look at the highs and lows so far, as well as the prospects Texas still has a chance to land.

If you haven’t been paying attention to recruiting here’s a little bit of a run down. Let’s start from the beginning of the 2022 class. Phaizon Wilson was the first commit in the 22′ class. He verbally committed on July 31, 2020. He then Decommitted almost 3 months later (October 29, 2020). Phaizon was a bigger build receiver that Herman loved to recruit, and a very athletic guy as well. When the new staff came in they didn’t pursue him much because, as you will see a little later, they prefer speed over size. The next prospect on the list is the infamous Quinn Ewers. He committed on August 14, 2020, and decommitted shortly after on October 18, 2020. I could say a lot about Ewers, but I’ll try to keep it relatively brief. He is the best QB in the 22′ class by a wide margin in my opinion and he grew up a Texas fan. Many believed he would have been the quarterback to put us over the top. Some even considered him a generational talent. I don’t know if I would go that far, but he is one of the better prospects at the quarterback position to date. Jaylon Guilbeau Is a four-star corner out of Port Arthur. He’s been committed since September 19, 2020. He’s more of a physical corner, but I really like his potential in the secondary for Texas. Armani Winfield committed at halftime of the Alabama vs Ohio State national championship game, and he was Steve Sarkisian’s first commit at Texas. He has really good size at wide receiver and exceptional speed. Many people believe that he may decommit at some point. However, I don’t think that will be the case, from everything I’ve read his commitment looks and sounds solid. Jaydon Blue was Sark’s second commit while at Texas. This is a player I am extremely excited about; He’s regarded by many as the best running back coming out of the 22’ class. We’ve all seen what Sark can do with the running back position and I think Sark will make Blue a key part of our offense in the next couple years.

Maalik Murphy with Sark and AJ Milwee on Texas visit

Next up is Maalik Murphy, he’s been criticized for lack of experience because he hasn’t played meaningful snaps since this year. Murphy has a cannon of an arm and can make any throw anywhere on the field. He undoubtedly has the most potential of any prospect in the country. Sark is known as sort of a quarterback whisperer so hopefully he can work his magic with Maalik. Trevell Johnson is a three-star linebacker out of Arlington. Even though he’s only a three-star I think he’ll come in and fight for playing time right away. Evan Stewart is in my opinion the best wide receiver in the 22’ class. He committed to Texas on February 18, 2021, and a couple weeks later decommited on March 11, 2021. I believe we still have a shot at landing him, but we will talk about that later. Bryan Allen Jr. is a safety out of Aledo, TX. He is one of the top safety products in the country and one of the best players in Texas. He has good speed and good length for the safety position. I think he’ll excel in the secondary when he gets on campus. I also had the chance to sit down and talk with Bryan. Keep reading to see the full interview. Next guy up is Kristopher Ross. He’s an interior defensive lineman that has good size and good weight. He’s a guy that Texas really pushed for early on and won his commitment over the likes of Oklahoma, TCU, etc. Zach Swanson is a defensive end from Phoenix, AZ. He really excels at rushing the passer and he’s a good open space tackler. The next commitment Texas added was once again from Arizona in the form of Lance St. Louis. He’s a highly regarded top tier long snapper in the 22’ class. Anthony Jones is a three-star athlete from Las Vegas. There were rumors he wanted to play tight end at the next level, but Coach Kwiatkowski convinced him to play on the edge where he really excels. As one of the best kickers in the nation, Will Stone gave his commitment to Texas in mid June. Jamarion Miller committed to Texas right after his visit in June. He is a really good back that compliments Jaydon Blue as the second running back in this class. Cole Hutson is four-star offensive lineman from Frisco, TX. He committed July 2nd as the first offensive lineman in the class. Also giving his commitment on July 2nd is Connor Robertson. The two, who are very good friends, wanted to share the commitment day together. I was able to talk with Connor as well. So continue reading to see that interview in its entirety. Those are all the commits/decommits Texas has so far, now we’ll get into who Texas has a chance to get from here on out. This is where things seem to get a little more interesting.

Prospects Texas has a good chance with…

We’ll start with Denver Harris, he’s a five-star corner out of the Houston area. We are in a battle with Alabama and Texas A&M for his commitment but I’m confident that we will win this race in the end. Next up is Harold Perkins a five-star linebacker out of Cypress, TX. Right now, it looks like a two-team race between Texas and A&M. It’ll be interesting to see if Sark and Co. can win out in his recruitment.

Bryce Anderson is a high four-star safety out of Beaumont, TX. It’s a race between Texas, LSU, and A&M. As I’m writing this Bryce is currently on an official visit to Texas, but I’d say right now A&M and Texas are neck and neck in this race. CJ Williams is a high four-star wide receiver out of California. It seems it’s going to come down to Texas or Notre Dame for his commitment. We do have a slight advantage because he is friends with Texas commit Maalik Murphy. We will see eventually how much of an advantage that is, but as of right now I’d say Notre Dame has the lead. Devon Campbell is a five-star offensive lineman out of Arlington, TX. He is a guy that we absolutely need to get. Our main competition in this race is Oklahoma/A&M, but I think we will be able to win this commitment in the end. Kevin Coleman is a five-star wide receiver out of St. Louis. He was high on Texas early on, but I believe that has faded quite a bit. If I had to make a prediction right now, I would say he would end up at Florida State. Back to Evan Stewart, we had a verbal commitment from him back in February, but he has since decommitted as we talked about earlier. However, I do like where we stand in his recruitment, he is one that I think we will eventually win over in the end. Kam Dewberry is a high four-star tackle out of Humble, TX. He has been very pro Texas at times on social media, but some think it’s just him playing the recruiting game. It seems like this will come down between Texas and Texas A&M. Sebastian Cheeks is a high four-star linebacker out of Evanston, IL. I think Texas is in a particularly good position to land his commitment, but Mack Brown at North Carolina is also in an incredibly good position. This will be a battle between Texas and North Carolina all the way until the end in my opinion. Bear Alexander is an interesting prospect. He is a 5-star defensive lineman out of Fort Worth, TX. As of right now if I had to bet money on where he would commit it would be Texas A&M, but it will be interesting to see if we can work our way into the running for his commitment. Bear is a prospect that I would love to have on the 40 acres. He has great size, great footwork, and great power to get through and off blocks. Jeremy Patton is a three-star linebacker out of Tenaha, TX. He is one that I think will eventually land at Texas, but there is a little pressure there from Baylor. Austin Jordan is a four-star defensive back out of Denton, TX. He released his top three back in March that list consisted of Oklahoma, Texas, and Ohio State. I think he ends up at Ohio State, but if we put a good product on the field in the fall, there’s a good chance we could gain some ground in his recruitment. Brennan Thompson is a high four-star wide receiver out of Spearman, TX. He was once a strong Clemson lean, but we have gained some ground quickly in his recruitment. The main competitors to gain his commitment are Clemson, Texas, and Oklahoma State. Jacoby Matthews is a five-star safety out of Ponchatoula, LA. He is currently committed to LSU, but if I had to pick one prospect to flip to Texas it would be Matthews. It’s a very small chance he flips, but I could see it happening. Arlis Boardingham is a three-star athlete out of Van Nuys, CA. The main competition for him would be Arizona State, but I like our chances to land him in the end. Derrick Brown is a four-star defensive end out of Texarkana, TX. He’s one where nobody really knows where he’s going to go. It’s a tight race between Baylor and Texas, but I like our chances in this race.

Justice Finkley with his mother April on Texas visit

Justice Finkley is a four-star defensive end out of Trussville, AL. Everything I’m hearing and seeing right now from him is very strong on the Texas front. However, that could change at any point with more visits still available. Jaray Bledsoe is a four-star defensive lineman out of Bremond, TX. It’s a race between Texas A&M and Texas right now. With A&M having the lead. Jaleel Skinner is a four-star tight end out of Greer, SC. He’s one that I thought Texas had zero chance with, but credit Jeff Banks for bringing us into that race for a superb player. As always, this information can change at any second, but this is what I’m hearing and seeing as of right now. I think Sark and his staff are going to have a top ten class in 22’, But it has potential to be a top five class with a good showing in the fall. This was a brief breakdown of the 22’ class so far. I will eventually go in depth with the currently committed players, but I used this first article as more of a “get you up to speed” on the state of Texas football recruiting.

My 2 cents

The new NIL rules are going to change to the landscape of college football forever. As we’ve already seen with Texas losing two OL recruits to Oregon. Cam Williams I can kind of understand, but Kelvin Banks going to Oregon came out of nowhere. Oregon and their Nike connections (Phil Knight) are obviously dropping huge amounts to change recruits minds so quickly. It’s not against NCAA rules anymore so I can’t complain about it. I just hope Texas boosters realize what’s going on and start to contribute the amounts of money we need to secure big time recruits like a Kelvin Banks. I would love to hear your thoughts on NIL and how it’ll affect CFB. Send me any questions or comments on twitter @tmfdeuce.

Interview with Texas Commits Bryan Allen Jr. and Connor Robertson

Bryan Allen Jr. on his Texas visit

I had an opportunity to have a conversation with one of the best players in the state of Texas, Bryan Allen Jr. Allen is a Top 100 player in the country and Top 20 player in the state of Texas. He is arguably the best safety in the state if not the best in the country. Allen said the thing that enticed him to commit to Texas was “Coach Gideon really wanted me. He told me everything that’s gonna happen, like what position I’ll be in and Coach Sarkisian wanted me bad too“. I asked Allen if there was any part of his game he was working extra hard on this year. He said mostly just his man to man “I need to move my feet more and jam harder then used to“. When I asked how hard he would be recruiting his younger brother to come play with him on the 40 acres Allen laughed and said “really hard he already said he’s coming“. I asked for what percentage he thought it was that Jaden would commit to Texas. Bryan paused for a second, “I’d probably say 90%“. When I asked how solid his commitment was Allen cut me off “100% man, 100%“. I also asked Bryan who he wanted to join him in Austin, “Denver Harris and Bryce Anderson for sure“. I really enjoyed talking with Bryan Allen and hope to have another interview with him in the near future. He’s a player I’m super excited for in the 22′ class.

Thirty minutes before I interviewed Bryan Allen Jr. I had the opportunity to speak with Connor Robertson. Connor is the most recent Texas commit as of 7-7-21. Connor grew up a Texas fan and had this to say about his love for the Longhorns, “Texas was you know where I thought I would end up. Then some things happened and I kind of took a step back and you know just decided to wait it out until I could take official visits so I could see the schools. You know and learn more about them and then kind of as June went on and you know as I did my visit at Texas you know it just it just felt like the right place“. I also asked Connor how solid his commitment was “I’m not gonna decommit” he said then continued with “I’m not a big believer in decommitting personally“. When I asked who he’s recruiting the hardest to bring with him Connor said, “I mean I think there’s a lot of guys you know really a bunch of defensive guys, bunch of offensive guys. I would say that you know me personally I’m really focused my best on the offense line.“. When asked about who he’s excited to work with when he gets on campus Connor had this to say, “You know definitely Coach Flood. He’s you know I personally think he’s best offense line coach in the country and I think a lot of people would tend to agree with that. So I think you know just learning from him and seeing you know more about how he coaches and how he goes about the game itself. I’m super excited to be a part of that.“. I really enjoyed talking with Connor and hearing how excited he was about getting on campus and learning from Coach Flood. I think he will end up being a terrific addition in this 22′ class.

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