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Jeremy Patton took an official visit to Texas this weekend and it made a strong impression. (Ben Golan /

I had a great conversation Wednesday evening with Texas target Jeremy Patton. We talked for a while and he let me pick his brain about several different topics. We will jump into that in a minute, but first I wanna talk about the most recent Texas commit Austin Jordan. Jordan surprised most people Tuesday when he sent out a tweet stating “Big news Tomorrow @ 1pm CT“. Nobody, including the contending schools (Texas, OU, and Ohio State) had any idea where he was committing.

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Luckily for Texas fans he chose the Longhorns. Gabe Brooks (247 Recruiting Analyst) had this to say about Austin Jordan “Possesses good size for a defensive back, whether playing corner or projecting to safety. Above average height with good length and an athletic build. Has predominantly played cornerback through his junior season, but could project better in the long run as a deep safety. Very good linear athlete with proven straight-line speed in a track environment. Ran a 10.98 100 as a freshman and an 11.04 100 as a junior. Also has posted several 200-meter times between 22.15 and 22.02, a PR from Spring 2021. Flashes the speed to run with wideouts on vertical shots. Length aids in ability to disrupt at the catch point. Long levers also a factor in stripping ability, which he flashed multiple times as a junior. Sometimes sacrifices tackling technique to go for the ball overzealously. Often arrives high as a tackler. Lateral fluidity and turn-and-locate skills can improve in man coverage. Will be dangerous as a back-end defender if horizontal ability catches up to forward-oriented play. Projects to the high-major level as a potentially position-versatile defensive back with terrific raw tools and straight-line speed that could foster a ceiling beyond college.“.

Next guy I wanna talk about is four-star edge Derrick Brown. Brown is a priority target for the Longhorns coming off the edge. He has set hit commitment date for July 31st. That is the day after the Texas “Pool Party and BBQ Bash”. Which I would say is a good thing for Texas. Brown is down to Texas and Baylor, but I fully expect him to commit to Texas on July 31st.

Last but certainly not least is three-star linebacker Jeremy Patton. Patton is one of the guys in the 22′ class I see as being very underrated. When I spoke with him Wednesday evening he had this to say in regards to the new staff “The new staff they all seem pretty genuine and straightforward you know. Nobody’s gonna sugarcoat anything it’s just it’s real.“. I also asked if he plans on coming back in the fall to catch a game, “Yeah, I plan on getting up there for a few games actually“.

I asked Patton if he gets excited seeing other players commit like Austin Jordan, he said “It really shows how in tune Texas fans are with the football program… So seeing all the comments, all the love that they get it’s like man like I want to be a part of it“. I also asked Patton if he had a commitment date in mind in which he told me “July 31st day after the cookout“. He later that evening doubled down on that date when he tweeted out “I’ll be committing July 31st!! I’ll announce a time more towards the date.“. Jeremy Patton and Derrick Brown are good friends and have said multiple times on twitter that they want to go to school together. So with all that information, I expect both Patton and Brown to commit to Texas on July 31st. I did ask Patton where he was going to commit and he answered laughing “You know I can’t answer that“. I think if both guys do choose Texas they will be great additions to the class. They’re both great players with really high upside.

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