Who are some possible fits on the Hornets?

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Last year with the third overall pick the Charlotte Hornets selected point guard, Lamelo Ball. The Hornets now have found an unexpected turnaround after the surreal transition to the NBA by Lamelo. I think there were a few people who expected Lamelo to do well in the NBA, but I don’t think anyone expected him to be as good as he was this past season. However, they still have some holes that need to be filled in order to make a true run for the NBA Finals. With free agency coming up, I thought I’d take a look at a couple names that the Hornets could target.

Hassan Whiteside, C

It’s no secret that the Hornets had a weak link at the center position. Looking ahead to what they’d need from a center is simply rebounding and defending. With a good perimeter core with Rozier, Hayward, Ball, Washington, they have a lot of young pieces but adding a guy who can be a paint player for Ball, and also be able to add the rebounding and defending in the paint. Hassan Whiteside, although not the player that he was, has the ability to be a big part to a young Hornets team.

Blake Griffin, PF

The Hornets have a couple more needs than center, but adding another veteran player like Blake Griffin could give the Hornets another much needed boost. Griffin obviously has declined due to injuries however, he fits the Hornets system and can be a valuable acquisition. Griffin is towards the end of his career, with the veteran leadership and skill he’d present the Hornets organization, he could be a very solid player off the bench, although not likely to start at any point throughout the season.

Lonzo Ball, PG

So obviously I’m doing this one for fun however, I don’t feel it’s to unrealistic. The Hornets have a limited amount of guards if they let Devonte Graham walk in free agency. If they do in fact let Graham walk, they could be looking to find another play maker up at the guard position, like, Lonzo Ball. At this point in his career what you see is what you get from the former second overall pick however, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Lonzo plays a solid perimeter defensive game, though nothing special, and is a playmaker. His shot is always going to be questionable, sometimes it’ll be good, sometimes it won’t. However, the thought of being able to have both of the ball brothers on your roster and how their play styles would work well together, it could be a good signing.

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