Hopkins’ Choice

Billy Hardiman-USA TODAY Sports

The Cardinals Superstar WR has been in the spotlight the last 24 hours for tweeting that the new NFL vaccine rules have him questioning his future in the NFL.

He later tweeted he’s still got at least 9 years left in him and that he hopes they’re all with the Cardinals, but the initial tweet still left many fans a bit emotionally unstable.

An NFL game hasn’t been completely canceled in over 3 decades. And with ticket revenue loss last year, it’s hard to imagine the league letting that happen now. While it’s impossible to say a game won’t be canceled, it’s also completely illogical to say it will 100% happen.

During the peak of Covid last year, with 0% of players vaccinated, the Cardinals didn’t have to cancel any games. Now with reported over 50% vaccination their chances of having to cancel one should only be lower.

Everyone take a deep breath, Hopkins likely isn’t going to retire and the Cardinals likely won’t have to miss games and miss the playoffs because of it. Like all NFL players, he’ll have the choice to get the jab or jump through hoops daily instead.

Training Camp starts next week, let’s enjoy it!

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