I’m so Pumped to see Raekwon Davis’s Year 2 Leap

Out of the player’s that I can’t wait to see dawn a Miami Dolphin’s jersey not just this coming year but four days from now when training camp starts, Raekwon Davis is right up there at the top of the list.

When Raekwon Davis was drafted in the 2nd round out of Alabama, there was a good amount of analysis that stated that Davis didn’t have a high motor and kind of left a few plays out there. Can’t speak to much for how much he hustled at Alabama, but in Miami, that guy went all out and it showed in his play.

Davis played in every game last year and became a starter rather quick starting 12 games.

Are these stats that fly off the page? No, but for a rookie 2nd rounder who was thought to be a bit raw, this is pretty damn good.

What did jump off the screen was noticing that in a defense that was God awful against the run Davis stood out as a guy that was a difference maker in clogging up the middle.

Davis is however more than a Vince Wilfork type of tackle/nose tackle not that there is anything wrong with being an awesome player as Wilfork. Davis is however a bit more athletic. Is going to be Warren Sapp? No, but he doesn’t have to be.

This video done by someone who very much enjoys breaking down film does an excellent job showing the skills that Davis possesses.

So much room for growth and it’s that growth that the Dolphin’s defense is going to need if they’re going to be able to balance out the takeaways that I expect them not to get like they did last year. Miami led the league in turnovers with 29. Almost no chance that number can be duplicated. That means everyone especially players with the talent of Davis are going to have step up their game and just play solid, grind it out defense.

Like I said earlier, the run defense was porous at best last year. That will undoubtedly have to change if the Dolphins are going to survive a dip in the amount of turnovers. Davis taking the talent leap from year one to year two is imperative. The year one to year two leap is nothing to take lightly. Before he was released by the Dolphins, Kyle Van Noy said one of the smartest things that anyone has ever said ever about rookie progression and actually having an offseason.

Just genius stuff by Van Noy. He’s the back to being the enemy again but he’s right. Actually having an offseason will only enhance a player such as Davis heading into year two. I for one can’t wait to see it. Enjoy your weekend.

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