SEC Timeline for Texas and Oklahoma

Tuesday morning Texas and OU officials sent a joint statement to the Big 12 stating…

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This was not a surprise because of the many sources who said such statement would be released early this week. What was a surprise (kind of) was shortly after releasing the above statement Texas and OU sent a joint letter to SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey which stated…

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It wasn’t surprising that Texas and OU requested membership into the SEC, but many believed the request would come later on in the week. Now for the moment you’ve all been waiting for… The Timeline.

As you can see above the letter states “request invitations for membership to the (SEC) starting on July 1, 2025“. However, it will not take nearly that long for the 2 schools to join the SEC. I saw many replies to my previous article saying “grant of rights doesn’t expire until 2025” or “Texas nor OU have the money to buyout the grant of rights contract”. These statements can be fixed very easily.

Kirk Bohls reported the buyout as such, “Texas and OU would each owe the league $80 million for breaching their contracts with the league“. For those of you who can’t do quick math, that adds up to $160 million total that Texas and OU would have to pay to leave the Big 12 early. For common folk like me and you that sounds like a big chunk of change, but to these massive institutions that amount ($80 million a piece) is actually very doable.

Also to add to that Texas is 10 years into a 20 year $300 million contract with ESPN for LHN. Meaning ESPN still owes Texas $150 million over the next 10 years. However if Texas goes to the SEC they will have to get rid of LHN which means ESPN will owe Texas the rest of that money. Which in turn could go towards the total $160 million buyout leaving only $10 million to pay. $10 million for these institutions, in essence, is pocket change.

I’ve said all that to get to this final point. Texas and OU will be headed to the SEC in 2022. The only other scenario I see playing out is everything I said coming to fruition but Texas and OU waiting until 2023 to move over. I don’t see either team moving any later then 2023 at this moment. Again this information can change at the drop of a hat but as of this moment in time, July 27 at 6:45pm, Texas and OU will be joining the SEC in either 2022 (most likely) or 2023.

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