Gashi’s Elevators Rollout Continues with Sleeping On My Left

GASHI – Sleeping On My Left // Music Video

Just under a month after the release of Don’t Pass On Love, Gashi has given us the second single from his upcoming album Elevators, as well as another music video. If Gashi did indeed travel thirty years back in time to record his previous album, 1984, he may have made a brief stop in the 90s during his his return to record this latest offering. Sleeping On My Left is a simplistic pop ballad that sounds familiar while sounding nothing like the pop music being made today. It’s a bit of a serenade, all soft and no bop for better or worse, and feels much like the songs that played in the background of late 90s rom coms when love interests had their fall out before inevitably reconciling. The somewhat dated feel of the song makes it difficult to gauge how good it is. It doesn’t “hit” the way a successful modern single does, and it’s hard to envision this song going far enough to reach the ears of anyone who doesn’t already have Gashi on their radar. That being said, the mellow, nostalgic nature of the beat makes it impossible for this song to blend in with anything currently being played, and it certainly won’t lose Gashi any support he already has.

Gashi has never been one to chase trends or conform to the flavor of the month, which has allowed him to create with a wide variety of sounds while still having a sound all his own. He’s hard to confuse with anybody else, and other than the occasional Post Malone comparison (which is a considerable stretch) he doesn’t get compared to other artists. This hasn’t prevented him from making hits, and while Sleeping On My Left probably isn’t destined to be one of them, it’s just as likely that Gashi chose to release it because he personally likes it, regardless of where it ends up on the charts. While he might still be considered a B-list artist in terms of fame, Gashi has been in the game long enough to secure a fiercely loyal core audience that show up for every release. He’s well past the point of being groomed or guided in a musical direction, and luckily RCA Records seems to have recognized that as well by allowing him the freedom to create projects that reflect himself more than reflect the current music climate. The average Gashi fan will take little issue with Sleeping On My Left, if for no other reason than it’s a Gashi song and Gashi doesn’t miss; even when the song feels like it was recorded on a whim in the span of half an hour with a second verse that nearly repeats the first verse. That’s just how it is for his supporters. Even if the song isn’t a favorite, Gashi fans will still celebrate it because its release means they’re one step closer to getting the album.

The Sleeping On My Left music video takes the song and transforms the experience entirely. The video is visually very similar to the one released for Don’t Pass On Love, with overlapping themes and imagery but with less warmth in the lighting, probably to reflect the sadder vibe of the track. It’s far from depressing though. Gashi sings about heartbreak with a smile on his face and dances around his abode alongside a diverse number of women whose attire and routine are noticeably more elegant than what the typical pop singer or rapper puts in their visuals. Those who haven’t yet heard the song ought to skip Spotify and go straight to Youtube. The video does wonders for the song, and once it’s seen, the images the song will conjure when it’s listened to later without the video adds something that would have been missing before to a song that, while solid, could use a small boost.

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