BREAKING: Yankees Swoop in and Grab Rizzo

The Yankees add yet another Lefty bat to hit balls over the short porch. Read more only on ATB network.

In a shocking move, the Yankees steal Anthony Rizzo right out of the hands of Boston. The Cubs 1st baseman is New York bound.

What did the Yankees give up?

The Yankees dealt RHP Alexander Vizcaino (NYY No. 9 prospect) and OF Kevin Alcantara (No. 12) to Cubs for Rizzo, while Chicago will pay the $6.5 million of Rizzo’s 2021 salary.

It’s more than we gave up for Gallo, quality wise. However, it makes sense as we only had to give up 2 prospects.

Why did the Yankees make this move?

Likely to do two thing. Stop the Red Sox from getting Rizzo, as they dragged their feet on making the move. Also to move on from Voit who so 31, injury prone, and looking for a new contract.

What’s next?

Look for Luke Voit to be traded tonight. Likely for a bullpen arm. I have been told there are still 2 trades that could be made. I’ll have more on the on twitter @ATB_Yankees.

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