Cavs Select Evan Mobley at 3

The Cavaliers selected Evan Mobley, center out of USC at number three overall. Mobley is an extremely consistent player. He has a high upside with a solid floor. His shooting needs work, but he can develop that. He also needs to develop more physically, especially if he is to guard larger centers in the post. Mobley is a good rebounder and has a high block rate. He shot 57.8% from the field, and 30.0% from three. He shot free throws at a 69.4% rate. He averaged 8.7 rebounds per game, alongside 2.4 assists, 0.8 steals, and 2.9 blocks, with 2.2 turnovers. Evan Mobley does not foul a lot, at just 1.8 fouls per game in 33.9 minutes. Mobley projects as a good defensive big at the next level. If he can improve his shooting, he has the potential to be an all-NBA caliber player. Evan Mobley fits well with the Cavaliers. Long term, he projects best as a center. However, he can play a little bit with Jarett Allen if he can develop a jump shot. He can be a good pick and roll partner for Garland and Sexton. He will be the future defensive centerpiece of the team. Ideally, he can be the number two on a championship team.

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