Get To Know Colts New QB Brett Hundley

This week, with the injury to QB Carson Wentz, the Colts signed former Green Bay quarterback Brett Hundley. Get to know Brett’s work and what you can expect from the new QB. Brett wore 7 previously yet will sport the number 3 for Indianapolis as he looks to make a new start.

Hundley fell to the Packers in the 5th after being projected as high as a 2nd rounder. Brett left UCLA as the schools all time leader in Touchdowns and total offense. Hundley won the backup job by beating out Scott Tolzien, sound familiar Colts fans? He wowed coaches with off the field maturity and his athletic ability. When Rodgers broke his collarbone, thanks to Anthony Barr, which allowed Brett to take the wheel. In the next 9 games Hundley went 3-6 with 9 passing TDs and 13 Interceptions. That wasn’t enough for the Pack as they went out and traded Hundley to Seattle for a 6th.

The next stop in Seattle was as memorable for Brett as every other backup for Russell Wilson is. Russ has that ability to just avoid injury that makes it almost magic which makes his backups unnecessary. After Seattle Hundley signed a 1 year deal in Arizona to back up #1 overall pick Kyler Murray. He saw limited action and did well because he earned himself another 1 year deal for the 2020 season.

Now with the injury to Wentz the journeyman makes his way to Indy where he may see substantial playing time depending on the severity of that injury. In the Era of the mobile QB Brett Hundley is an asset and an intriguing prospect. His ability to extend plays or create plays for himself is what allowed him to create those records at UCLA. His decision making needs work but with Coach Reich’s ability to simplify the Offense and the strong running ability of the team that should alleviate some of those concerns.

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