What Kris Bryant Brings to the Giants

The San Francisco Giants made a big move before the trade deadline ended on Friday. San Francisco acquired outfielder/infielder Kris Bryant from the Chicago Cubs. In addition, the Giants sent prospects Alexander Canario and Caleb Killian to the Cubs.

So far this season, Bryant is hitting.267 with 18 home runs. Also, this season Bryant earned his fourth All-Star Game appearance. Trading for Bryant was critical for the Giants because of his ability to play many different positions. The former Cub can play first base, third base, and all three outfield positions. His versatility is crucial for the Giants team missing the third baseman Evan Longoria and first baseman Brandon Belt. Bryant is looking forward to playing for San Francisco; he was a huge Barry Bonds fan growing up, and he is excited to join the Giants.

“Could not be more excited to be a Giant,” president of baseball operations Farhan Zaidi said. “I’ve had a number of phone calls after trades with players. Never spoken to a player more excited to be coming to a new organization.”

Bryant will also give the Giants a good right-handed bat against left-handed pitching; San Francisco has struggled against left-handed pitching this season. Bryant is earning $19.5 million this year in the final year of his contract. The Giants will be on the hook for the last $7 million for this year.

This was an excellent move for the Giants, and they did not have to give up any top five prospects. Alexander Canario, the No.9 ranked prospect in the Giants system, according to MLB Pipeline. This season Canario is batting .235 with nine home runs. He does have some upside and has some tremendous bat speed.

Killian is the Giants’ 30th ranked prospect and is pitching outstanding this year. Killian posted a 2,.13 ERA with 96 strikeouts with 84 2/3 innings pitched. He started 15 games. So you can see Chicago will be getting two good prospects in return, but the Giants needed to make this move. Bryant is much-needed for their lineup.

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