A Look into Adam Cole’s Contract Situation

Photo Credit: WWE

CM Punk and Bryan Danielson, Bray Wyatt, and now Adam Cole. The internet has been set ablaze over the past month with major wrestling news, and it doesn’t seem to be coming to a halt anytime soon. As exclusively reported by WrestlingINC’s Raj Giri, Adam Cole’s contract with WWE is set to expire after SummerSlam. This comes as a surprise, as after Adam Cole Watch late last year, it was the general understanding that his contract ran through 2024. It turns out that isn’t the case, and Cole’s deal was actually set to expire after June’s Great American Bash before he extended it to the end of this month. Mike Johnson of PWInsider adds to the report that some WWE officials were surprised by Cole’s contract, being under the impression that he was at least signed to the company for the rest of the year. Johnson adds the contract debacle, “very much lines up with the timing of the departureĀ of [Senior Director of Talent Development] Canyon Ceman.”

The immediate thought on such a short extension is Cole’s planned exit of WWE after an illustrious four year run that saw him debut as NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn III went off the air, forming the Undisputed Era in the process. According to talkSPORT’s Alex McCarthy, that is indeed the case, as Cole signed the extension in order to put over former stablemate Kyle O’Reilly at the upcoming TakeOver 36 event the night after SummerSlam. What had been thought of as the feud that may see Adam Cole off to the main roster could very well be the feud that sees him out of the company. The obvious destination for Cole would be joining his friends and girlfriends in AEW, allowing him the freedom to work other promotions as well.

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