Way too early Miami Dolphins 2022 4th Round Mock Draft

Next up in the Miami Dolphins too early mock draft series is the fourth round. These two players should be on Miami’s radar this fall.

Mykael Wright and Nick Ford may be options in the 4th round of the 2022 NFL Draft

Next up in the Miami Dolphins way too early mock draft series is round 4. Below are the links to the previous rounds as well as a list of the following picks. The two players who will be broken down today are prefect fits for the Dolphins. Both players fit what head coach Brain Flores looks for in a player and could contribute immediately.

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  • 7th round: Tennessee Titans Pick

With the uncertainty of Xavien Howard past 2022, poor play of Noah Igbinoghene, and a struggling offensive line these two PAC-12 players may be of service to the Miami Dolphins in 2022.

Mykael Wright

Mykael Wright has been a rising star in the Ducks backfield. Wright boasts fluid body movements and blazing speed in the secondary and as a kick returner.

Wright stands at 5’10 173 pounds and has shown that he has the ability to play as an outside corner in college. Due to his of his measurables some teams may see him as an inside corner.

What stands out about the Oregon defender is his loose hips, as a result he’s able to burst out of and phenomenal footwork allowing him to recover when beat.

Furthermore, Wright tends to keep his eye level disciplines continuously matching Receivers tempo by looking at their torso.

I watched his 2020 tape against USC and he played mostly to the field. I noticed his effort in trying to keep his front shoulder down to help keep his balance and not loose his vision against bigger WRs.

When playing press man he does not tend to stay square at the LOS, he tries to run with his man instead of playing physically and jamming them, this can be a lingering issue given his stature and build.

Speed masks some of Wrights deficiencies, especially when Wright gets caught on double moves, at times he mirrors well and at times he drops his shoulders and plays with a high pad level.

He needs to be consistent.

Another year of playing time in the Ducks defense should help Wright be more consistent and increase his awareness in man and zone coverage.

“I think the next development for Mykael is to continue to develop his body. He’s a very sharp young man in terms of the football [knowledge], not a man of many words but in terms of schematically understanding coverage, understanding concepts that the offense is trying to throw at him, he’s very astute.”

Rod Chance, Oregon Ducks DB Coach

Wright is already an intellectual player, he knows where to get in place and understand route concepts and angles well. He’s got a knack for evading rub routes and collides with WR’s at the point of attack to make a play on the ball.

If Miami wants to get a solid corner that has experience on the outside and the tools to play nickel I wouldn’t doubt Brian Flores being interested in Mykael Wright.

Nick Ford

The Miami Dolphins love versatility on their team, especially amongst the Offensive line.

In 2018, Ford started 6 games at Left Guard and one game at Right tackle.

In 2019, one game at Right Tackle and 13 games at Right Guard. In 2020, one game at Left Tackle and four games at Center

With a 6’5 315 pound frame Ford looks to be a prospect the Dolphins may consider come draft day. He fits the current OL profile being over 6’4 and 310 pounds.

Ford looks to be the starting Center for the Utes in 2021 but can play inside if needed. He opted to stay with Utah this season

“I got my grade thing back, which said I was a 3rd, maybe 4th round, with a chance to improve my stock by the combine to maybe 2nd or 3rd round.”

Nick Ford on returning for another season at Utah

Currently, Solomon Kindley still struggles in the passing game, he’s been demoted to 3rd team OL, Nick Ford can be a plug and play Left guard.

Ford’s experience playing tackle shows up in pass protection. He has good patience and anchor against various player types and different blitzes

When working up the field, Ford is able to comfortably navigate in space for his size.

In the run game, he plays similar to Kindley as he’s physical at the point of attack and a bully that makes OL coaches happy. His powerful lower body helps to get that initial push off the LOS and gain momentum in tight spaces.

Ford is limited in scheme aspects as he may not fit zone schemes. He’s best suited in a power run scheme where he is able to make on his man and beat him. If he was put into a zone scheme his redirection and footwork would be too slow to get upfield, especially in pulling situations.

If the Dolphins decide that OL depth is important in the mid rounds of the NFL Draft Ford could be a name to watch out for.

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