Falcons Pre-Season Depth Chart: Time to Panic?

Today the Atlanta Falcons released their Pre-Season Depth Chart. As always there is plenty of questions about the depth chart order and players positions. We’re going to take a look at this chart order and some of the biggest question marks and decide if we need to relax or panic for each question:

Kyle Pitts as TE3:

Kyle Pitts is currently listed as the number 3 Tight End option for the Falcons behind Hayden Hurst and Lee Smith. All this listing does is show that Arthur Smith and Terry Fontenot want us the rookies to earn their time. Which should not be an issue for Kyle Pitts who was the first round pick for our Falcons. Pitts has shown some incredible pass catching skills this pre-season and looks to become a favorite target for Matt Ryan.

Verdict: Relax

Willie Beavers as the Starting RT:

This is the one that probably makes the least initial sense, Kaleb McGary being the RT2 to a journeyman player that has never really stuck around? Not ideal but Kaleb McGary has missed most of training camp due to an undisclosed injury. The main reason Willie Beavers is probably listed ahead of McGary is to make sure he knows the scheme and has proper time to recover and get acclimated to the new offense.

Verdict: Relax

Steven Means and JTM starting over Dante Fowler:

This is not something that we should be worried about. Personally I think it’s to allow Fowler to get more reps in pass rushing situations. BUT even if it is due to Means and JTM being better players than Fowler, we can’t be upset that Smith and Co. are playing the best players, even if that means Fowler and his contract ride the bench.

Verdict: Relax

Richie Grant as SAF3:

See Kyle Pitts explanation above… Grant should become a key piece in the Falcons defense in due time, he just needs to learn the Dean Pees defense which is super safety oriented. I’m a firm believer in Richie Grant who I think could be a potential DROTY candidate in Dean Pees defense.

Verdict: Relax

Wait… All of these are relax? Yes… It’s preseason week 1 of an entirely new coaching staff. There is absolutely nothing to be worried about with a preseason depth chart. Will I be concerned if Willie Beavers is our starting RT going into Week 1? Yes. But that’s a bridge we cross if we get to it. Right now lets all kick back, relax, and watch some Falcons football.

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Author: Hunter Thompson

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