Smash The Panic Button In Recruiting? Not Just Yet.

The state of Texas football recruiting is stagnant right now to say the least. Recruiting under Sark and Co. started out fast, hit a couple speed bumps, and is now stopped dead in its tracks. So the question we are stuck asking ourselves is, Should we start to panic?

The short answer is no.

I won’t end it there. What I’m seeing is high school players have seen the hype from new Texas coaches. They’ve seen how the fan base always thinks “This is the one!” when getting a new coach. They aren’t falling for it a third time. Both Charlie Strong and Tom Herman saw recruiting bumps in their first year. I don’t think Sark is going to get that same bump as easy as his predecessors.

What Sark needs to do to get that first year bump is win right away. He needs to come out and flash the offense, flex his offensive muscle so to speak. The thing is if Sark comes out and wins 10+ games and makes it to the Big 12 Championship Game we could see some flips come Early Signing Day.

If he starts out slow and only wins 7 games recruiting could get really rough. All I’m asking from the Texas fan base is Please be patient. Please don’t rush Sark on the field or in recruiting. Give him a chance to make mistakes and learn from those mistakes before y’all call for him to be fired. I believe all coaches should get at least 3 years. That means we shouldn’t talk about firing until 2024.

Do I think it will come to that with Sark? NO! I loved the Sark hire and loved the staff he brought in even more. I expect him to get at least 10 wins this seasons. Are my expectations too high? Let me know on Twitter. Also be sure to checkout our most recent podcast episode here.

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One thought on “Smash The Panic Button In Recruiting? Not Just Yet.”

  1. I think you’re right on this. I know you’re dead on about giving the man a chance. Primarily because HE IS GOOD. It’s going to get good at UT, but he needs time. Primarily because he is the third in a chain of rapid-fired coaches. When that happens, we should anticipate and EXPECT a drop in recruiting due to the program turnover alone. Sark IS different and his staff is freakin stellar. Everyone breathe, take 2 steps back and support our Horns. Like you said, if it’s not getting a helluva lot better by 2024 – it’s time to raise the tenor.

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