Joe Thornton’s Chasing a Cup, and he’s doing it in South Florida

Joe Thornton (Florida Panthers/Twitter)

What a headline to wake up to: Jumbo Joe Thornton is a Florida Panther.

The 42 year old has accomplished so much in his career, but he has yet to lift a cup. Thankfully, he and the Panthers agree on two things.

Both want to win and they both believe it can be done here.

Seeing a cup chasing veteran sign with the Panthers is surreal, an indication of where this franchise is headed.

The franchise’s cup window is here, and as the great Jedi General Anakin Skywalker said in Episode III, this is where the fun begins.

Why Thornton? No one really knows yet.

He absolutely brings veteran experience to a team that hasn’t won a playoff series since he’s been in the league and enters his 24th season.

Having that type of veteran presence in the locker room, especially with Hornqvist there, can only be a positive for the Panthers as they expect to go on deep playoff runs.

On top of that, he bolsters the bottom six center position.

While we’re very excited about the arrival of Anton Lundell, there’s the chance that he’s not ready for the NHL yet.

An adjustment period or a stint in Charlotte might be needed, and the Panthers are prepared for it and have Thornton or Acciari they can play as the third or fourth line center.

Also, just going to take a moment to appreciate some of his quotes from this morning, because it’s still surreal that the Panthers are at the point that cup chasing veterans (notably Thornton) want to sign here to win.

When I started playing hockey as a wee lad, my first stick was a Joe Thornton stick. Now, he’s playing on the Cats chasing a cup. I don’t know how those two things relate, but they are important IMO.

Until next time, we move.

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