Preseason Week 1: Miami Dolphins Takeaways

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The first preseason game for the 2021 Miami Dolphins has concluded. This was our first look at the young roster and the team as a whole. There were some ups and downs throughout the game. Here we take a look at some Dolphins takeaways, good and bad, from each quarter.

First Quarter

The starters played all of the first quarter, which was interesting to see. Tua had a 50-yard bomb to Mike Gesicki and the defense picked up where they left off.

The Good

  • Tua looked impressive. He was aggressive and wasn’t scared to throw the ball into tight windows.
  • Malcolm Brown showed his toughness as he was hard to bring down.
  • Kick return team looks explosive. Grant took a majority of the returns but Waddle had one.
  • Man defense looks elite. Defensive backs were step and step with receivers.

The Bad

  • Austin Jackson looked bad. He was beat regularly in both the run and pass game. Jackson was also called for a holding penalty.
  • Zone defense needs some help. Receivers are finding the hole in the zone very easily and getting big chunks of yardage.
  • All backs showed lack of vision. The offensive line made some holes but the backs would not attack/ see them.
  • Tua held the ball for a long time. He seems indecisive or is taking a long time to read the field.

Second Quarter

The starters played the first drive for each side and then the second team took over. On his last pass of the day, Tua threw an interception in the end zone. Brissett also scored the first touchdown of the game with a pass to Salvon Ahmed.

The Good

  • Salvon Ahmed was a pleasant surprise. Ahmed showed off his receiving skills and was the most impressive back running the ball.
  • Pass blocking was impressive. Brissett had a ton of time in the pocket and even took off a few times.
  • Two-minute drill offense looked improved compared to last year.

The Bad

  • Run blocking is defiantly a concern for this season.
  • The pass rush was not getting to the quarterback at all. Justin Fields had all day in the pocket.
  • Receivers may not be creating as much separation as we hoped. Both Tua and Brissett held the ball for a long time.

Third Quarter

The second team started the quarter and played about half to two thirds of the quarter. This is when the young defense showed their age. The inexperienced defense bit on play action and looked lost at times.

The Good

  • The pass rush started to pick up. Lots of defensive lineman pushing the offensive line back.
  • Ahmed continued to impress. Showed his speed, vision, and patience.

The Bad

  • The defense was unable to contain Justin Fields. He was able to run all over them.
  • Pass blocking against blitzing defenders. Whenever the Bears blitzed, the offensive line looked lost.
  • The defense as a whole unit looked outplayed. Big jump in talent from second to first team.

Fourth Quarter

This quarter was mostly third string players. Reid Sinnett was the starting quarterback the whole quarter and we saw young players such as Gerrid Doaks, Malcolm Perry, and play as well.

The Good

  • Jordan Scarlett flashed a little as he was able to find holes.
  • The playmaking was nice. It was not too passive but also not too aggressive.

The Bad

  • Tackling. Throughout the game the Dolphins would not wrap up the ball carrier, which led to a ton of free yards.
  • The offensive line was still manhandled by the Bears defensive line. An underwhelming performance by all lines.

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