The Early Bird List part 3

Now on to my favorite position in the early bird list. The wide receivers. Again these lists are alphabetical. The previous part can be found here:

Wide Receivers:

David Bell – Purdue

Good size at 6’2 205. Long arms with a large catch radius. Average overall athlete but he shows a good burst. There are questions about his ability to beat press. Also shows some rawness in his route running. He could move up with improvements.

Treylon Burks – Arkansas

Burks heading into the season is seen by most as the #1 receiver in the class. Great size at 6’3 225ish and also has speed to go with that big body. He can play inside or outside. Burks route tree is underdeveloped. Like a lot of college receivers. Will drop some balls. Like a bigger, faster version of Lavishka Shenault.

Romeo Doubs – Nevada

Good hands and decent size. Doubs is a real deep threat for Nevada. The Nevada receiver is fast and explosive. He had a big year in 2020, playing with Carson Strong probably helps a lot as well. Still has some rawness to his skills that need some refinement. Will drops some balls. Reminds me a little of Dyami Brown. Has the potential to move into the 1st.

Ty Fryfogle – Indiana

Big and physical at the point of catch. He actually likes to block. His athleticism is just average and he doesn’t get a lot of separation or YAC. So his upside may be limited. Fryfogle has versatility; having played inside and out.

Drake London – USC

London has a basketball background, and it shows on the field. He combines basketball size(6’5 200) and also football athleticism. He is physical with the ball in his hands. Still very raw as a route runner. His release package needs work. London’s long speed is just average.

Chris Olave – Ohio State

Elite route runner, the best in college football. His route running is good enough now to play in the NFL also he would not seem out of place. He has very good speed. His size is just average and he could learn to play a little more physical. He doesn’t show much interest in blocking. Olave is also versatile. He has been used all over the OSU offense in all different situations. Right now looking like the #1 or #2 receiver in the class.

George Pickens – Georgia

Pickens has great size(6’3 200+). He has long arms and has a bit catch radius. Tore his ACL in spring practice. So the question with him is will he play in 2021? Even if he does how much? Plays hard and physical. He does need work on his release package, very one dimensional. Also has some character questions that need to be checked into. The potential is there for him to be a high pick.

Reggie Roberson Jr. – SMU

Roberson is fast! also, he is a big time deep threat. Good hands for snatching the ball out of the air. He does have a history of knee and ankle injuries. That needs to be checked into. His route tree could use some development as well.

Justyn Ross – Clemson

Ross had a major neck injury last season. It will be important for teams to check into it. Ross was cleared recently for football activities though. He is tall and long like a lot of recent Clemson wide receivers. Also his Speed and agility are average. He is also a former basketball player which shows in his ability to go up and catch 50/50 balls. Great ball skills and hands. He will have occasional concentration drops. A physical blocker.

Garett Wilson – Ohio State

Average size, but high level athlete. Wilson has tons of upside. He can play in the slot and on the outside. Wilson also is a YAC monster. Has trouble with physical defensive backs. Early on in his career he may have to be used in the slot and in motion. Going into the season he is looked at by some as the top receiver in the class. He could become that with a big Junior season.

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