20-0: Ravens Break Preseason Win Record

A meaningless yet impressive record that had stood in the NFL since Vince Lombardi was coaching the Packers has now fallen. With their 37-3 victory over the Washington Football Team, the Ravens have now won 20 straight preseason games, topping Lombardi’s previous mark of 19. It may be perhaps the most impressive and irrelevant winning streak in sports history.

Baltimore’s last defeat in the preseason came on September 3, 2015 against the Atlanta Falcons. Since then, the Ravens have been on an absolute tear in the preseason, rattling off 20 straight exhibition wins. Sure the games are meaningless but 20 straight wins in anything is impressive nonetheless. The streak means absolutely nothing in terms of regular season success but it is still something to be proud of.

Make no mistake: the preseason itself is far from pointless. This is the time when players who are on the roster bubble are fighting for a spot on the team. It’s a time for players to showcase what they got in order to gain attention from other teams in the league. The preseason is a make or break time for many pleasers who are living their dream. The wins and losses may be inconsequential but how the players play is not and competition in these games is very real.

Many fans around the league are quick to poke fun of Baltimore proudly displaying its 20 game win streak, pointing out the obvious that absolutely none of those 20 games mean anything. But breaking a record that has been standing in the NFL since the 1960’s, a record set by the great Vince Lombardi and the Green Bay Packers nonetheless, is something to be proud of. The Ravens are now firmly in the history books for a record no other team can claim. Roll your eyes all you want but the Ravens are alone at the top.

The win wasn’t without some bad news, however, as the up and coming running back JK Dobbins was carted to the locker room and is now expected to miss the entire 2021 season. Many pegged Dobbins as the next superstar running back in the league so losing him is a massive blow for the Ravens. The loss of Dobbins has overshadowed the record setting win and rightfully so. Many Ravens fans were excited to see what Dobbins had in store for Season Two but now they will have to wait. Instead, anger has turned towards the coaching staff for having Dobbins out there in the first place. Whether having Dobbins out there to warm up for the season was right or wrong, it is still a freak accident that the Ravens will have to move forward with and hopefully someone can quickly step up to help fill the void left in the wake of the Dobbins injury.

The preseason is now over and the Ravens leave it undefeated. The trivial preseason games are of minimal importance in terms of the regular season but just ask how Ravens players feel about the streak. The Ravens have one of the most competitive rosters in the league, filled with young and hungry players ready to show what they can do and they have been showing out in the preseason. 20 straight games is a point of pride for these players and fans. A 20 game win streak, now matter how irrelevant, is still something to be proud of. Now the Ravens can celebrate not just the winning streak, but making NFL history as well. Nothing can take that away from the team.

Author: TD Hunter

Head Contributor for Around The Block-Baltimore Ravens

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