The “All Out” Exit Survey

After months of build up All Out is finally done and over with. The return of CM Punk to the wrestling ring finally happened. As it turns out he may just indeed move the needle. But he isn’t the only name shaking the scale. The Around The Block Wrestling staff came together after watching All Out to reveal their thoughts on the show.

1. What’s your tweet-length review of All Out?

Dan: If you’re not gonna shout “Redeem Deez Nuts” with me whenever Miro is on screen then you
can’t watch All Out with me.

Kaleb: Simply put, it’s the best show I’ve watched this year – maybe in a number of years. You have to take into consideration the magnitude of these moments we witnessed, of which I still have no words for.

Blake: All Out was one of, if not the best PPV I can remember watching. Outside of the 1 match that was really put on the card to give the crowd time to rest, there wasn’t even an average match on the card. The storylines and the wrestling was absolutely top notch. A must watch PPV.

2. What’s your favorite match from All Out?

Kaleb: CM Punk is my favorite wrestler of all-time. Punk v Darby was always going to be my favorite match.

Blake: Not counting the end of the show, because technically it wasn’t part of the match, the tag match between the Young Bucks and the Lucha Brothers was my favorite and the best match of the night. The crowd was absolutely hot for the Lucha Bros and these two teams put on a match of the year contender. The moves they did and the risks they took were insane.

Dan: Eddie Kingston vs Miro was my match of the night. It was one of the few matches where I absolutely enjoyed the build, while short, and the match itself delivered in every way possible. I’m very much so on board with running this one back at Arthur Ashe Stadium.

3. What’s your least favorite match from All Out?

Blake: I feel like it’s a cop out, but the Paul Wright and QT Marshall match was my least favorite. It was a match designed to give the crowd some time to rest and wasn’t meant to be much more. Outside of that, there wasn’t another bad match. If I’m not picking it, I’m going to go with the Casino Battle Royale. Ruby Soho showing up was an incredible moment and she deserves to be in the title picture, but battle royales are tough matches to turn into an elite match and outside of the finish there weren’t a ton of memorable moments from it.

Dan: This was a no brainer for me Paul White vs QT Marshall. Whatever the opposite of hyped is, is how I felt about that match.

Kaleb: I didn’t want to answer Paul Wight v QT Marshall, because it feels like a cop out, but there isn’t another match I would want to put here. Wight-Marshall didn’t overstay it’s welcome with a runtime of 3:10, and it did what it was supposed to do in giving a reset between Punk and the world title while also giving a legend the opportunity to do some in-ring work. That being said, there’s nothing positive I can really say about the match.

4. Who was your All Out MVP?

Kaleb: This is tough. Punk was my initial thought, as he did an excellent job considering he hadn’t wrestled a match in seven years, but I think my answer is Darby Allin. He played his role to perfection and gave Punk a great return match.

Dan: I’m one of the first people to complain when they give the Finals MVP to a player on his way out as a career achievement award, especially when the younger guys handled the world load. However there is no way, absolutely zero, that we are as into and hyped for this show if CM Punk didn’t show up a few weeks prior and give the wrestling world a jolt of enthusiasm.

Blake: It is extremely difficult to pick just one MVP from this show. Christian Cage and Kenny Omega were both fantastic. Punk and Allin put on a hell of a match. Ultimately I think the MVP has to come from the tag team title match. It might be a small cop out again, but I’m going to pick both the Lucha Brothers. They went above and beyond what I thought they could do. Every time they step in the ring they put on a hell of a show. However, tonight they took it to another level. The story telling, the emotion and the passion they put into this match was some of the best I’ve seen.

5. Are any of these match MOTY contenders?

Blake: I don’t mean to beat it into the ground, but the tag team title match is absolutely my match of the year at this point and it will be hard to beat. As I’ve said already a couple of times, the storytelling was absolutely top notch and they showed the skill they always do when they step into the ring. The Lucha Brothers and the Young Bucks had the crowd absolutely eating out of the palm of their hands. I know I’ve gushed about the Lucha Brothers, but don’t get it wrong, the Young Bucks were absolutely their equals in the ring tonight. As we have come to expect from Matt and Nick Jackson, they showed why they are considered one of the absolute best tag teams in the world.

Dan: No, the show itself is however a show of the year contender.

Kaleb: Lucha Bros v Young Bucks took over MOTY for me last night. What is there to even say about it? I don’t see how anything else tops the match in these final four months

6. It’s been 7 years since CM Punk wrestled, after his win tonight where does he go?

Kaleb: Punk has listed numerous young talents he wants to work with multiple times. Continuing to mark off that list would make a lot of sense. Likewise, he mentioned he had some scores to settle. Do we see him transition there before continuing his list? The other possibility would see Punk entering this feud with The Elite. He mentioned he would like to team with Danielson against the Young Bucks, and Danielson’s side was short against The Elite last night.

Blake: CM Punk came back to the wrestling world and had a great match in his first match back against Darby Allin. There are several different ways AEW could choose to book Punk moving forward. They could move him straight into another one on one feud against someone like MJF or another member of Pinnacle, but I think the most likely thing for Punk to do is team up with Allin and Sting and finish their feud against Daniel Garcia and 2.0. This keeps Punk busy and lets him get in some more matches to completely get the rust off before he moves into a more high profile feud.

Dan: I think we get the Daniel Garcia match that has been teased for a few weeks, but before that graces us I can see the trios match of 2.0 & Daniel Garcia vs Sting, Darby Allin & CM Punk coming our way.

7. Fill in the blank Bryan Danielson’s first match will be against ___________

Blake: This might be the toughest question on here for me honestly. There are so many ways they could go with Danielson here. With the way All Out ended, it sure seems like he is going to move into a feud with The Elite. One would think Danielson would have to go through The Elite to get to Omega, but do we think they go with Cole vs. Danielson straight out of the gate and give one of them a loss? I don’t think so. One would think it would be one of the lower people on The Elite totem pole and that translates to The Good Brothers. In my opinion, Bryan Danielson’s first match will be against Karl Anderson.

Dan: Adam Cole, they know its a hit and after tonight it would only make sense to have Bryan wrestle an Elite member not named Kenny.

Kaleb: Manifesting this from the universe: Daniel Garcia

8. After tonight who is the biggest threat to Kenny Omega’s title?

Dan: Call me an optimistic person, but I still think Hangman is the biggest threat to Kenny’s title. I think closing that story with Hangman hoisting the title belt is the only proper ending to it.

Kaleb:  Hangman Page will still be the one taking the strap off of Omega. Tony Khan confirmed that Hangman has asked for time off, but soon after he returns, that world title is his.

Blake: After tonight the logical thinking would be Bryan Danielson would be the biggest threat to Kenny Omega. That being said, I just don’t see Danielson being the one to dethrone Omega. It has always been and still has to be Hangman Adam Page that takes that title from Omega. The story has been told over the past 2 years. Page has been betrayed by his friend, lost all of his confidence and gone away. When he comes back from paternity leave the pop for him will be absolutely massive and Page will go straight for Omega. Despite everything that happened, he is still the biggest threat to Kenny Omega.

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