Las Vegas Raiders and RAS

I have finally gotten the time to get back to working on this project. I only have *checks notes*…18 more teams to go!

I’m not really going in any specific order. I am just picking a team a random that has had their front office in place for at least three drafts.

Next is obviously the Las Vegas Raiders with Mike Mayock as their GM since the 2019 draft. You can also find Kent Lee Platte’s website here:


This one is super easy. Mayock has not drafted a single quarterback yet. So there is no information to go on yet.

Running backs:

With running backs Mayock has drafted only two in his time with the Raiders. Josh Jacobs and Lynn Bowden. Jacobs RAS was a 5.7 but Bowden did not work out due to recovery from an injury/surgery. So there is not much there to compare. Jacobs is 5’10 and Bowden is just under 5’11. Both are over 200 pounds. Outside of those things there isn’t much else to draw from.

Wide Receivers:

The Raiders have drafted three receivers in the Mayock era, Hunter Renfrow, Bryan Edwards, and Henry Ruggs. Of the three only two have RAS scores. Ruggs of course had a score of 9.55, Renfrow had a score of 2.94; so completely opposite. Ruggs and Renfrow are both smaller receivers. They are both under 190 pounds. The problem is their athletic testing is different or missing. For example Renfrow only did 7 reps on the bench, Ruggs did not bench. Renfrow showed decent agility numbers, where as Ruggs did not do agility drills. The only thing that can maybe be pointed out is their explosive testing. Ruggs had a 41 inch vertical and Renfrow had a decent 35 inch. So besides that and their size there is not much else comparable between them athletically. Edwards did not test at all. He measured 6’2 6/8ths 212 pounds.

Tight Ends:

The Raiders have only drafted one tight end in the last three years, Foster Moreau from LSU. He scored high on the RAS scale with a 9.47. Showed decent size at 6’4 253. Overall he was fast, quick and explosive.

Offensive Line:

With the offensive line Mayock has only drafted three, John Simpson in ’20, Alex Leatherwood and Jimmy Morrissey in ’21. Interestingly enough he has drafted one at each position, a tackle, a guard and a center. Now here is where we can see some connections. The RAS scores of all three are 8.53, 9.69, and 9.13. So it can be said that Mayock likes his offensive linemen to be highly athletic. The only real difference in their athletic testing is John Simpson’s agility numbers, they were poor. Otherwise though all their numbers graded out as good to elite. All three had great explosive testing.

Defensive line:

Just like quarterback, very easy. Mayock has not drafted a single defensive lineman in his three years as the GM.

Edge/Defensive end:

The Raiders have drafted three edge defenders since 2019, Maxx Crosby and Clelin Ferrell in ’19, and Malcolm Koonce in ’21. Now the problem here is only once of them has a RAS; Maxx Crosby with and elite 9.65 score. Now looking at the size of them Mayock seems to prefer edge defenders who are smaller-average size. Koonce is on the smaller side at 6’2 250, Crosby is a little bigger at 6’5 255 and Ferrell is the biggest at 6’4 264. With koonce there is no workout data on, he was seen as a relatively athletic rusher. Crosby had elite scores at everything. Ferrell’s agility numbers were good, but he had no other testing. So there is not enough data to go on right now, other than they don’t like the big edge defenders who can slide inside on occasion. Other than that there is much else to extrapolate.


Mike Mayock has drafted three linebackers in his time with the Raiders, Quinton Bell in 2019, Tanner Muse in 2020, and Divine Deablo in 2021. Muse and Bell both tested out over 9.5 on the RAS scale, Deablo was not far behind with a 8.14. It can be said that Mayock likes drafting highly athletic linebackers. The three of them are 6’2-6’3 and also under 240 pounds as well. All ran very fast 40 times. Bell ran a 4.53 and Muse ran a 4.41, Deablo ran a 4.45. All three also put up at least 19 bench press reps. While it is a small sample size for now at least it can be said Mayock likes slightly undersized super athletic linebackers. He also likes moving big safeties to linebacker having done it with both Muse and Deablo.

Defensive backs:

Now here is where it gets interesting. Mayock a former defensive back himself has drafted a total of 8 defensive backs in 3 years! It is an important position, so most teams will draft a number of them but almost an average of 3 every draft? that is a lot. It is also pretty evenly spread out. The Raiders have drafted 5 corners and 3 safeties. Now only two of the nine do not have RAS scores. The rest all scored 6.26 or above. That score belongs to safety Tyree Gillespie, after him though the lowest was another safety Johnathan Abram with a 7.4 and Trevon Moehrig with a 7.37. The average RAS score of all the safeties that Mayock has draft is a 7.29, so above average definitely, but not elite.

The three safeties are between 5’11 and just over 6’0. They all also weight between 202-207. With the safties it seems like explosiveness has less of an emphasis. They seem to prioritize speed more. All three run a 4.52 or faster. All three tested poorly in explosive testing and average or poor in agility testing.

If you just count the cornerbacks the lowest was Trayvon Mullen with a 7.46, above him though was Nate Hobbs with a 9.62, then Isaiah Johnson with a 9.74. This averages out to a 8.94. So even more so it can be said that the Raiders front office likes their corners to score high on the athletic scale. Some people may say “well, yeah of course” but not all teams value that high level of athleticism in their defensive backs.

Continuing with the corners it seems the Raiders have two size types they like. Arnette and Hobbs are both just over 5’11 and both are about 195. Both also have pretty average speed. Arnette only ran the 40 so that is all the athletic testing available for him. Hobbs put up elite explosive numbers. With Mullen and Johnson both are just under 6’2 and between 200-205 pounds. Both have good to elite explosiveness. It seems that Mayock likes to have diffent size corners to match up with different receivers. Amik Robertson the 5th corner drafted stands out from the other corners. He is small at 5’8 187, but has no other testing on record.

Final Thoughts:

So outside of safety it seems Mayock really keys in on explosive testing, that would be things like vertical jump and broad jump. So if you are looking for players the Raiders may draft check their vertical jump and broad jump. They like their offensive linemen to be upper echelon athletes. Finally they like super athletic slightly undersized linebackers, especially big safeties they have move to linebacker. Finally outside of Amik Robertson they like their defensive backs 5’11+ and 195+.

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