2022 NFL Draft: The Quarterback-chelor – Episode 3

Welcome to The QuarterBachelor! I am your host, Mitchell Wolfe, and we’re excited to bring you this new show, where the 2022 NFL Draft is looking for their QB1. Every episode, we’ll break down the 2022 NFL Draft quarterbacks and how they are progressing in their relationship with the Draft to be the top-ranked quarterback.

Last year, our lead, the 2021 NFL Draft had many exciting suitors. But in the end, the favorite from the beginning, Trevor Lawrence, established an incredible connection and went home as the top-ranked QB and the #1 overall pick. This year, our Draft has a litany of handsome and exciting prospects looking for love and the honor of winning QB1. In the last episode, two contestants went home, one because of injury and another for poor performance. After a brief hiatus, the show is back, and we’re sending three contestants home this week. Let’s get into it!

Sam Howell, North Carolina

An early favorite to win the Quarterback-chelor, Sam Howell took over the top spot this episode. However, this was more so due to poor performance by some of his competitors. While Sam has had some nice appearances in recent weeks, he’s also been relatively inconsistent. He’s not showing the same poise and accuracy that we expected from him. Sam has a long season ahead of him, and he moves into the driver’s seat this week. But his reign as king of the hill is tenuous at best. 

Carson Strong, Nevada

A sleeper pick before the season began, Carson Strong has quickly ascended through the ranks. He took advantage of lackluster performances by other contestants and has been one of very few consistent performers this season. Carson is more of a traditional candidate, relative to some of the more successful past seasons. But this is an unorthodox group of quarterbacks, so maybe the most orthodox will actually have the best shot at winning. 

Matt Corral, Mississippi

Speaking of unorthodox contestants, these next two are among the most complex ones in recent memory. This week, Matt had a big test, and while he did not wow or excite the viewers, he was put in a very tough position. But he kept his poise and did not make any huge mistakes, which has been a problem for him in the past. Therefore, seeing this growth in him and being reliable and stable when the going gets tough is a pretty big win for him. 

Malik Willis, Liberty

Malik is among the most exciting contestants that this show has ever seen. He has a unique personality and style that is very exciting for our Draft. But his decision-making is questionable at times, and not everything in life (or football) is about spontaneity. Malik has had some up and down performances in the past week. But his two-on-one date with Matt is rapidly approaching and should be an excellent showcase for both contestants. 

Spencer Rattler, Oklahoma

Spencer, Spencer, Spencer; whatever will we do with you? Spencer entered the season as the favorite to win the competition. But he has been the most disappointing candidate from this pool by far. He’s had some nice moments, but they’ve come very sparingly. Spencer might have to come back next season if he wants a shot at winning. He could still turn it around with a big performance this week. But right now, it looks more like he’ll be going home early this season. 

Kenny Pickett, Pittsburgh

From one of our biggest fallers to one of the biggest risers, Kenny Pickett almost looks like some of the late risers that finished very high in recent years. Kenny is one of the older contestants this season, and his growth and maturity make him a very attractive candidate. He hasn’t really been tested or challenged yet this season. As we move into the heart of the season, we’ll have to see how Kenny performs when the going gets tough. 

Desmond Ridder, Cincinnati

Another one of our older contestants, Desmond, had arguably the most significant performance of the season this week. In a challenge that took him out of his comfort zone, he performed very well and even assuaged some concerns about his ability to deliver in big moments. With that being said, Desmond remains one of the most divisive candidates on the show this season. Some think Desmond should be a front runner to win; others believe he shouldn’t have even been on the show in the first place. If he wants to win, Desmond will need to keep playing like he did this past week. 

Grayson McCall, Coastal Carolina

Grayson still might be too young and inexperienced to win this season. But viewers cannot deny he’s very exciting and consistent. He hasn’t been truly tested this season and most likely won’t face any significant challenges. Therefore, without encountering adversity, Grayson might not have the opportunity to elevate his game to a high enough level. He’s safe for this week, but his time could be running out. 

JT Daniels, Georgia

Frankly, it’s still pretty surprising JT is even on the show. He’s barely gotten any air time this season; he’s reportedly been dealing with some health issues. That’s unfortunate for him, but JT will probably have to go home if he keeps missing episodes. Even if he comes back, he might be too far behind the other contestants to have a realistic shot at winning. Along with our next contestant, he will probably have to come back next season if they want to win. 

Dorian Thompson-Robinson, UCLA

Dorian has been another up-and-down participant. DTR’s performance has been improving recently. But he’s “fumbled” some opportunities of late, which could be an issue at the next level. At this point, he’s going to need to step up his performance in a significant way if he wants to have a shot at winning. But he has plenty of season left, so he gets to stay on for at least another week. 

Kedon Slovis, Southern California

Our other Cali contestant, Kedon, has been another inconsistent performer throughout the season. He was a very attractive candidate to some before the season. But he has fallen very far in the rankings due to poor play. At this point, Kedon looks like he could be going home very soon; however, he will most likely be back next season due to his early exit. 

Michael Penix Jr., Indiana

Michael has had a very tough season. He hasn’t performed well in limited opportunities and also had some lingering health problems. Michael needed to have a much more consistent, complete season. But it looks like that’s not in the cards for him. After a poor showing in the two-on-one with Desmond, he probably won’t be sticking around very long.

D’Eriq King, Miami

D’Eriq King already had a tough row to hoe, given his lack of height. He also entered the season with some health concerns, which reared their ugly head. He’s missed time on the show due to those health issues. He might be able to come back and perform, but it’s difficult to see a winning path for him, given where he stands. 

Who Doesn’t Get the Rose?

Our Draft is sending three contestants home this week. After a brief hiatus, they had to start narrowing the field. Two contestants will head home due to health concerns: D’Eriq King and Michael Penix Jr. In addition to their injury problems, neither quarterback played consistently well in their limited time. Given that they might miss time in the coming weeks, they will not make up enough ground to win. Michael could return next season, but this was the last shot for D’Eriq.
Our other contestant heading home is Kedon Slovis. Kedon is another participant who could come back next year. But this year, he couldn’t answer many of the questions our draft had about him. He might need a change of scenery that highlights his best assets. Regardless, Kedon is heading home as we cull down the group. 

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