ACC Risers and Fallers : The Half Way Point

At the halfway point in the college football season, which ACC prospects are rising and falling on NFL Draft boards?

ACC RIsers and Fallers
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With the college football regular season halfway over, let take a look at the guys I have seen shooting up boards, along with the guys dropping to the depth of the draft class. The ACC has been weird, to say the least this year. It makes sense that there are so many players with changing draft stock. Let’s get into some ACC Risers and Fallers :

ACC Risers:

Kenny Pickett, QB, Pitt

While I am by no means a huge Kenny Pickett guy. However, he has played better than a lot of the guys who were poised to take the QB1 mantel. Pickett is a decent athlete and has a good arm, but the best part of his game is his IQ. Pickett has read the field very well this year and it’s definitely improved his game as a whole.

Kyle Hamilton, S, Notre Dame

First of all, Yes I know they aren’t in the ACC. Secondly, I know he has been touted as a top prospect. However, Kyle Hamilton looks like the second-best player in the draft this year. He has been playing out of his mind and is clearly a top 5 player in the nation. He is a ballhawk, great when played in the box, and has prototype size.

Zay Flowers, WR, BC

Zay Flowers should legally change his name to Wide Open. Without Phil Jurkovec Flowers is still always open, he just hasn’t caught the ball as much. Flowers is being held back by subpar QB play but his route running and speed in and out of breaks is unmatched.

ACC Fallers:

Sam Howell, QB, UNC

Sam Howell has been, how do I say this nicely? Bad. Yes, that was nicely. He has lost so much zip on the ball when he throws it, it even looks like he is seeing the field slower. It just is not good, I had high hopes for Howell this season he just hasn’t taken the next step.

Jarrett Patterson, IOL, Notre Dame

Another guy I thought would take a step up, and yet again, he took a step back. He is getting thrown around inside, it’s been ugly. Patterson has all the traits and all the potential to be great, it just hasn been good. Hopefully he gets it back to normal, but it isn’t looking good for Patterson.

Can they turn it around?

Well, I will be checking back in on these guys in a few weeks. Hopefully, the risers continue and the fallers flip it around. It is a long season and a longer draft process. Let’s get ready to ride it out with these ACC Risers and Fallers.

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