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Thursday Night Football has a funny way of kicking your ass. The week is almost over, work has done a number on you and more often than not the football just isn’t great.

With no dog in the fight I tapped out of the Bengals vs Jaguars Thursday night game pretty early. Made my way to my room and sat down in front of my computer. I started to peruse the internet, on the hunt for some new music to fill my dusty ass playlist. 

Made my way to the Pigeons and Planes YouTube page. I felt stuck. I was starting a song, hating it after a minute, clicking the next song…rinse and repeat. Nothing was catching me. That was until I heard the opening portion of “YAMS!”. It had a similar sound to the intro of my podcast and that was all I needed to stick around. 

Pote Baby dropped the video in April of this year, but it took almost 7 months for me to hear the Savannah, GA, rapper’s follow up single. I did two things after my first listen: clicked ‘play’ again, and I started to do a deep dive on him. I needed more!

The name sounded familiar to me, but I have a funny way of convincing myself that I know someone even when I don’t. This time I was sort of correct. Earlier in the year, Pote Baby released his first single “In The Kitchen.” The song had a hold over TikTok and TikTok had a hold over me. 

I went back that night and re-listened to  “In The Kitchen” a handful of times. At this point I had an idea, sonically, of who he was. However, there isn’t much out there about him. 

Now I’m no McNulty — which is a good thing — but I was able to find some gems about him. He has been dropping music on SoundCloud since 2016. Back then he was known as Mojo Yetti. He switched the name up as an ode to Savannah’s nickname the “C-Port”. Clearly the right call. 

He seems to love his hometown of Savannah and turtles. Dude loves him some turtles, to the point I think he gives this kid a run for his money. 

His love for Savannah runs deep. He hosted his second annual Pote Day in September of this year. The three-day, free event was his way of giving back to the community and helping pave the way for the next generation of Pote Babys. The event featured giveaways for the community, panels with experts in the entertainment world, and a concert where Pote Baby launched new music. 

This is the part where I’d drop a ton of buzzwords, but instead I’m going to suggest just opening up Spotify, Tidal, Apple Music, whatever you have and listening to Pote Baby. If you’re about to get up and head to the gym, “In The Kitchen” might be the route instead of “YAMS!”

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