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The term interpolation has been in the news as of late, in part to Olivia Rodrigo and her team. The idea is that you sample a melody or portions of a melody, from a previously recorded song but re-record the melody instead of sampling it. While doing a spotlight piece isn’t a brand new idea, STAY FRESH is. Basically what I’m getting at is STAY FRESH is the “good 4 u” of blog posting. 

Last time I wrote about how Pote Baby was a rapper to watch. He was under 1,000 subscribers on YouTube, had some mild mainstream success with his first single but he wasn’t a name casual rap fans knew. Most of my friends hadn’t heard of Pote Baby when I told them I was writing about him. You could say Daniel Garcia is the opposite. 

He has been in wrestling since 2017, so he is still relatively new in the business. Four years into the business is nothing. Think about it like he was a baby. Most four year olds can’t form full sentences. This one is keeping up bar for bar with Twista’s verse on Slow Jamz. 

Unlike Pote Baby, Garcia isn’t exactly considered underground. Some may say he’s the fastest rising star in wrestling. He has wrestled CM Punk and Jon Moxley on national television in the last six months. The Daniel Garcia train just pulled into the station and I’m just making sure we are all getting comfy seats because we’ve got a hell of a career to enjoy. 

This man’s October consisted of wrestling, Christopher Daniels, Davey Richards, Minoru Suzuki, Alex Shelly and CM Punk. He worked a best of Ring of Honor tape, while most dudes four years in are working As Seen on TV Doink and Tito Santana.

This isn’t a “he worked a name” so it had to be a good match. He’s been putting on great matches with guys like JD Drake, Lee Moriarity, Anthony Greene & Masha Slamovich. He made the most out of his last year and rightfully so.

Garcia was in a wild car accident that almost took his life back in 2019. When he and fellow Buffalo wrestlers, Kevin Bennett, Puf and Kevin Blackwood, lost control on black ice and their car violently split into half after smashing into a guardrail.

Garcia is on record saying the rail was just a couple inches away from ending him. If the mental exhaustion of nearly dying wasn’t enough for him. Garcia walked away with a broken right femur, his fibula and tibia in his left shin and ankle. The scars from the injuries and operations still linger on his skin, I assume the constant reminder of just how short life truly is remains firm in his mind. 

That sort of motivation is what has helped Garcia become one of the fastest rising technical wrestlers out there. His name gets thrown out there with the likes of Bryan Danielson’s and Jonathan Gresham’s of the world. That isn’t something just anyone can say. 

Set to make his PWG debut against the aforementioned Gresham at the end of November. I would like to think that match checks off a few boxes for Garcia. There is no denying this has been a star making year for the young Buffalo native. With two months left in 2021 he looks to have an even bigger 2022. There is no time like the present to go ALL IN on Daniel Garcia.

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