Falcons Mock Draft Duel: Beating the Saints Edition

A new week means another edition of Falcons dueling mock drafts!

Falcons mock draft
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Ladies and gentlemen, we are back! Another edition of Falcons mock draft duel. No Stephen this week, as Hunter tries to defend his title against the one and only Adam Holloway. Who will win? Let us know at @Falcons_ATB on Twitter

Hunter’s Falcons Mock Draft

Pick 19: Treylon Burks, WR, Arkansas

The Falcons need offensive help. Kyle Pitts is being treated like Julio Jones was by defenses and Calvin Ridley is going through his personal stuff. Here we have Atlanta taking one of the best wide receivers in the class to help in the life after Julio Jones. The 6’3″ YAC Daddy brings a blend of size, athleticism, and physicality to an offense who is sorely missing it.

Pick 51: Derion Kendrick, CB, Georgia

You’ll see Kendrick’s name around here a lot, as he is dominating at Georgia this season. He is turning into a true shutdown CB who would be able to line up opposite of AJ Terrell. Being a converted WR, there are still some mechanical lapses from time to time, but as a whole he is a good CB prospect in a loaded class.

Pick 63: Jermaine Johnson, EDGE, Florida State

Johnson is a guy I have really just gotten my eyes on recently, but the 6’4″ 265lb EDGE has really exploded onto the scene this season. He dominates with his size and length to the point he already has 7.5 sacks on the season. Johnson would be a nice addition to our EDGE group who is lacking a real difference maker.

Pick 83: Zach Charbonnet, RB, UCLA

Another name you might get tired of seeing from me, but Charbonnet is one of my draft crushes this cycle. The running back has dominated at UCLA this season and he is really helping put them back onto the map. The Falcons rushing attack has been underwhelming this season, but Charbonnet could fix that. The 6 foot 220lb bell cow could be the main piece of our backfield for years to come.

Pick 121: Zacch Pickens, DT, South Carolina

Zacch Pickens is a former 5-star recruit who was kicked inside at South Carolina. He is incredibly raw, but Pickens could be a good addition to the DL rotation. He is probably a 3-tech at the next level, and would probably just be a rotational piece early. But there are traits to like and he helps a group that isn’t really standing out yet.

Adam’s Falcons Mock Draft

Pick 19: Ikem Ekwonu, OL, NC State

Ekwonu is a physical tone setter of an OL that can play multiple positions across the OL. I think year one he’s a LG for us, but he could be the potential answer to “who replaces Matthews” in a couple years. Or, he can kick out and play RT if Matthews sticks around for awhile.

Ekwonu is super physical in the run game and pulls with ease, is a really good athlete, and looks to bury people. In the pass game he shows a patient approach to his strike, but strikes with violence. He’s always looking for work and trying to take someone’s head off.

Pick 51: Derion Kendrick, CB, Georgia

Kendrick is a good man-press corner that shows tons of flashes using great technique to off-set WRs and disrupt the play. He has good size and is able to carry speed down field. Kendrick is inconsistent with his hands at times, but that definitely can be developed. He has decent ball skills and makes timely adjustments on 50/50 balls.

The Falcons play a ton of man coverage and Fabian Moreau has been okay, not great, at CB2. They could look to link a running mate for AJ Terrell.

Pick 63: Isaiah Spiller, RB, Texas A&M

I go back to the skill position part here with Isaiah Spiller. Spiller’s been in a few of my mocks, but rightfully so. He’s a physical RB who is probably the best pass blocker in the class as well — something that Arthur Smith is high on.

Spiller shows good contact balance and patience while running, and looks to finish runs physically. I think Arthur needs a bell cow to get back to being that balanced offense and I think Spiller fits the bill.

Pick 83: Zion Tupuola-Fetui, EDGE, Washington

Zion — or ZTF — is a fantastic EDGE rusher from Washington who shows tons of flash in the pass game. When rushing, he understands good technique and has a few pass rush moves that allow him to get hands off him. I remember well that he has an aggressive cross-chop that he likes to work and showcases a good long-arm.

I hated how the board fell and that I had to wait so long for an EDGE, but I do think ZTF could be a nice diamond in a talented EDGE class.

Pick 121: Ali Gaye, EDGE, LSU

Ali Gaye is a guy that I studied this past weekend and I came out of it wanting more. He’s such a good archetype that fits what the Falcons want from an OLB, I’d be hard-pressed to find out he isn’t on their radar. He shows, at times, the ability to work swim moves and flatten to the passer, as well as a high motor.

At times, he’s hesitant to get to his first move, thus allowing OTs into his chest and shocking him. Gaye shows effort in the run game, but it’s not consistent enough to say he’s good. At the very least, he always has a high motor. But this pick, this high is based off of the potential of a high motor, 6’6 260 lb EDGE rusher, and the team developing him into a good pass rusher!

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