Is Quinn Ewers Looking To Come “Back” To Texas And The Forty-Acres?

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Quinn Ewers is one of the best quarterback recruits of all-time. With a perfect 1.000 247composite ranking, Ewers was the best recruit in the 2022 recruiting class. He then re-classified, skipping his senior year of high school, and became apart of the 2021 recruiting class where he also ranked #1 overall.

Ewers was Once Upon A Time a Longhorns football commit in the Tom Herman-era, deciding to de-commit and go to Ohio State instead when it became apparent that Herman was close to getting fired. Ewers now is rumored to be looking at the transfer portal for a place to start immediately next season.

Let’s take a look at why Ewers might be looking to make a move and why Texas is a great fit for him. Grab yourself your favorite beer, cocktail, or a cup of coffee and let’s talk about it!

Why Would Quinn Ewers Be Looking to Transfer?

Ewers was one of the best recruits of all-time, we know that. So why isn’t he starting for Ohio State? Well, because Ohio State has one of, if not the best quarterback rooms in the nation. At the time of Ewers’ commitment I assume he was confident in his own abilities and didn’t really care who else was in the program. He was going to win that starting job.

However, that did not happen for the 2021 season, as C.J. Stroud has blossomed into one of the best quarterbacks in the nation this year. As a redshirt freshman, Stroud definitely had a leg up on Ewers already from being in the program for a year. Now, Stroud is able to continue to impress with live action reps. Ewers will again be behind the 8-ball if he stays at Ohio State another year to try and win a quarterback competition.

Along with C.J. Stroud and Quinn Ewers, Kyle McCord (‘21 5-star) and Jack Miller (‘20 4-star) also are on this Buckeyes team. With a quarterback room filled with three five-star quarterbacks and one four-star quarterback, it was always apparent that someone was going to transfer out and find a starting job somewhere else.

If Quinn Ewers wants to be in the NFL after three college seasons, he is going to have to start next season (and of course play well). NFL teams usually shy away from drafting one-year wonders, especially at quarterback.

Why is Texas a Good Fit for Quinn Ewers?

Quinn Ewers grew up a Texas Longhorn fan. Ewers is Texas bred, plain and simple. Five-Star football players who grew up 200 miles away from Austin should be guaranteed to come to the University of Texas.

Lately schools like Ohio State, Alabama, Oklahoma, and even Texas A&M have poached some of the best recruits in Texas. This Texas coaching staff must close these state boarders once again, especially with a talent like Ewers.

Steve Sarkisian is known to be a quarterback friendly coach, meaning he will put his signal caller in a position to succeed. Texas does not have a quarterback on campus who is nearly as talented as Ewers is. Casey Thompson and Hudson Card have been hot and cold for much of the season and haven’t elevated the talent around them. However, the quarterback isn’t a huge problem for Texas this season.

Currently, Texas’ biggest problem is song the offensive line. Kyle Flood must continue to develop the talent that is already on campus. This offense will continue to sputter if nothing changes, regardless of who is under center. Ewers, along with every other quarterback who is interested in coming to the Forty Acres, will be keeping a close eye on this offensive lines continued development.

How Would Quinn Ewers Effect the Arch Manning Recruitment?

This has been a popular question recently, as Texas is rumored to be high on Arch Manning’s list of schools. If you don’t already know, Arch Manning is a 2023 Five-Star quarterback out of New Orleans. Yes, Arch Manning is related to those Manning’s. His Uncles Peyton and Eli have four combined Super Bowl rings and will eventually both be in the NFL Hall of Fame.

Honestly, I don’t believe Quinn Ewers will have any effect on Arch Manning’s decision. All of these players are hyper-competitive and want to win a starting job over other elite players. It is an alpha mentality every football coach wants in their players.

Quinn Ewers did the same thing. He went to Ohio State with a handful of other talented quarterbacks and competed for a spot. Now, Ewers re-classified and missed out on Ohio States Spring Ball so the playing field wasn’t exactly fair for him, but the sentiment still stays true.

Furthermore, Quinn Ewers and Arch Manning would only overlap one season, provided Ewers excels and leaps to the NFL after his redshirt Sophomore season. Arch Manning could come into Austin and compete for the job. If he wins he will have impressed a lot of people in the process, including NFL scouts.

If he loses, it’s what was expected coming into a new environment and a higher level of competition. Arch can sit for a year and take a redshirt or serve as the primary backup. The year after Ewers should be off to the NFL and Arch can seamlessly take over as the Longhorns new signal caller.


Obviously this is completely hypothetical and a rumor at the moment. As far as I know, Quinn Ewers has not officially gone into the transfer portal. Furthermore, Arch Manning has not committed to Texas. In a season like we are currently in, sometimes it’s okay to day dream and think about the absolute best case scenario.

I still believe in this coaching staff. I believe they are going to get this ship turned around. Getting Quinn Ewers in the transfer portal would be one huge step towards Texas being back.


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