Tennessee welcomes the top-ranked Bulldogs to Neyland Stadium

Photo Courtesy of Vol Football on Twitter.

Josh Heupel has an opportunity to pull off the upset of the year this Saturday against the Georgia Bulldogs. On paper, Tennessee Football does not have a chance in this game; however, the SEC has shown this year that anybody can beat anybody any given week (Unless you’re Vandy). So, how can the Vols beat the top-ranked ‘dawgs? Let’s dive in.


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Photo Courtesy of Vol Football on Twitter.

As the season has gone by, Tennessee has been able to hang with every team they have played so far due to the lethality of their offense. QB Hendon Hooker has had an impressive season so far, and has been able to find success in Josh Heupel’s offense.

Hooker will be the number one key for the Vols upset win. It’s games like these where you see where you are as program. Heupel’s Vols are riding momentum coming into this game and should make for an impressive offensive performance.

Surprise Georgia’s defense

Photo Courtesy of Vol Football on Twitter.

Now, you can make the argument that Tennessee has not played a defense as good as this. How about shifting the narrative and stating that Georgia has not played an offense like Tennessee’s? Out of the nine opponents Georgia has played so far, only one has had a higher offensive rank than Tennessee.

Florida has the 16th ranked offense in the country, but that was before that team gave up on Dan Mullen. The Bulldogs have only played four top 50 offenses in the country including #48 Auburn and #41 Missouri. Tennessee has not seen this good of a defense, but Georgia has not seen this good of an offense either.

Tennessee is 5-0 when playing a team without a top 20 offense. Georgia has the 44th ranked offense in the country. The ‘dawgs have struggled to show identity on offense and Tennessee has not. Everything is set for a Saturday upset for the Vols.

My score prediction: Tennessee 27, Georgia 21.

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