Miami Dolphins 2022 Mock Draft: All SEC Edition

The season has been a disaster for the Miami Dolphins, so why not look to the future with a 2022 mock draft?

Miami Dolphins 2022 Mock Draft

If you’re a Miami Dolphins fan, I’m sorry. This season has been the opposite of fun for many fans forced to watch the Dolphins flounder week after week. The struggles of the offensive line are more apparent than ever. Questions once again surround quarterback Tua Tagovailoa and whether or not he’s the future at the position. There are holes everywhere on the team. What’s a fan to do? Kick back and have some fun with a Miami Dolphins 2022 mock draft!

It’s November. The college football season is still in full-swing, and the NFL season has barely passed the halfway point. Mock drafts at this point in the season aren’t for accuracy. They’re to have some fun looking to the future, and to introduce fans to some of the prospects they’ll be hearing come next spring. With that in mind, we’re going to have some fun with this Miami Dolphins mock draft.

When I say “fun”, I mean we’re getting a little wacky with it. Many folks consider the SEC the pinnacle of college football, and for good reason. Teams like Georgia and Alabama dominate the college ranks, and send talent to the NFL in droves. So it begs the question: What would a mock draft look like consisting of only SEC selections?

We’re going to answer that question today with a 3-round mock. Now, enough talk, let’s get to the picks! All picks have been made using the Mock Draft Simulator from our friends over at

2022 Miami Dolphins Mock Draft – 3-Round, All SEC edition

Round 1, Pick 12 – Kenyon Green, iOL, Texas A&M

Right off the bat this mock draft starts off with a ton of tempting options for the Miami Dolphins. With the 12th pick in this simulation, the Dolphins are looking at DT DeMarvin Leal, CB Kaiir Elam, DT Jordan Davis, and WR Treylon Burks as options. Each player has been outstanding this season and would provide the Dolphins with a high-quality player at positions of importance.

However, this pick is about value and need. If we were drafting by a strict “Best SEC player available” strategy, Leal would be the pick. As good as Leal is, the value isn’t there for a defensive tackle at this spot. Especially when there are so many other glaring holes on this Dolphins team. As nice as it would be to add a corner or wide receiver as good as Elam or Burks, the same logic applies.

I know there are going to be some fans who read this and think “Why would we take *another* offensive lineman? We can’t develop them anyway!”. That’s a valid point. The Dolphins have had a terrible run at drafting and developing offensive line talent.

That said, the current offensive line is, well, terrible. It would be malpractice to not at least *try* and address the issue. The team needs to sign a veteran (or two) in free agency, but they also need to draft established, high-quality talent.

Tackle is the bigger issue for the Miami Dolphins offensive line, but the interior needs a complete overhaul as well. Green would be a nice start to that end.

Round 2, Pick 37 – Isaiah Spiller, RB, Texas A&M

If you thought the Dolphins valuing the interior of the offensive line in the first round was unrealistic, you’re not going to like this pick. If you’ve followed the Miami Dolphins draft habits the past few years, you know they don’t value running back. At all. It was a clear need last year, yet they waited until the sixth round to address the position. With a player who can’t find his way to the field.

It’s still a need, and eventually the team is going to have to address it in a meaningful way. Day 3 guys who fill out the practice squad aren’t going to cut it. Salvon Ahmed and/or Myles Gaskin aren’t cutting it. Neither strategy has worked; it’s time to change things up.

Spillier is one of the most talented running backs in the SEC, if not the entire nation. He’s an explosive playmaker who can be trusted in both the rushing and passing games — a quality you need to be a successful running back in today’s NFL (unless your name is Derrick Henry).

Will the Dolphins take a running back this high when the real 2022 NFL Draft comes along? Almost certainly not. But I told you we were having fun with this Miami Dolphins mock draft. The fans want a running back, and the fans would be getting a running back if it were up to me. There may be better running backs, but Spiller is the top SEC back and was too good to pass up at this spot.

Round 3, Pick 99 – Phidarian Mathis, DL, Alabama

Here’s where our “SEC only” stipulation gets us in trouble. We round out this 3-round 2022 Miami Dolphins mock draft with what many would call a “luxury” pick. Or, even, a bad one. The Dolphins have glaring needs at offensive tackle and linebacker that have yet to be addressed in this mock draft.

Those positions could be addressed in free agency, but the younger, cheaper, talent the NFL Draft offers is usually preferable. However, with the added complication of taking only players from the SEC, the value simply wasn’t there at this spot. Instead, we’re left beefing up the trenches on defense with Alabama defensive tackle Phidarian Mathis.

Mathis is a beast up front. He’s a guy who plays with a high motor and brings an energy to the trenches that Miami could really use. He knows how to read offensive linemen and make them pay when they get sloppy with their technique, and knows how to use his hands well to keep offensive linemen off him and make a play on the ball. 

Mathis would give the Dolphins a nice rotational piece on the defensive line who can be a space eater on the inside. His presence would give the Dolphins some much-needed help defending the rush. However, it’s hard not to come away a bit disappointed with how this Miami Dolphins mock draft plays out at the end. It would have been great to grab a tackle or linebacker, but the fun of this exercise is in the complication!

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