2022 NFL Draft Defensive Line Rankings 1.0

2022 NFL draft defensive line

With the 2022 NFL draft defensive line group, it is similar to the last class. Weak at the top and just average depth. It is probably better at the top with Leal, who would have been the #1 defensive lineman were he in the 2021 draft, but overall not great at the top. You can find the previous part here: https://atbnetwork.com/2021/11/11/2022-nfl-draft-offensive-line-rankings-1-0/

1. Demarvin Leal – Texas A&M

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Leal is a freak athlete for his size. He plays both the run and the pass well. Leal is super versatile, could line up at end, tackle, edge, and anywhere else along the line. He still has plenty of room to grow within his frame. With that, he does need to fill out his frame some more. Great length. Needs to add some power moves to his game, adding a speed to power move would help. Potential to be elite.

2. Jordan Davis – Georgia

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Davis is a huge man at 6’6 340. He has a super strong upper body and hands and is an elite-run defender. He easily takes up two blockers. Davis has had weight issues in the past and could probably stand to lose another 10 pounds. He hasn’t grown much as a pass rusher. He has shown some improvements as a senior, but may never be a major pass-rush threat. Also, his quickness off the snap is lacking.

3. Perrion Winfrey – Oklahoma

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Winfrey is a little undersized, but explosive. A former JUCO transfer, he still is a bit raw. He has excellent quickness off the snap and can pressure the passer. Still, he needs to develop his pass rush moves and plan better. His motor runs 100%. Partly because of his size and partly due to technique he can play a lot better against the run. As he will come out of his stance too high and needs to work on his pad level. Upside to be a very good penetrating 3-tech.

4. Devonte Wyatt – Georgia

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Wyatt is another JUCO transfer. He is kind of the yin to Davis’ yang. Wyatt is more of the 3-tech, pass rusher type of lineman. He also shows a good anchor and is solid against the run. Wyatt is still a bit raw and needs some more development on his pass rush moves and developing his plan. He also has good straight-line speed. Length with Wyatt is just average. Wyatt also offers versitility in that he can be used all over the line. His hands are inconsistent and need to be more accurate.

5. Haskell Garrett – Ohio State

Credit: Rich Graessle/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Garrett is a bit undersized at 6’2, but he offers a very quick first step and good agility. His length does hurt him at times, where he can have trouble disengaging from an offensive lineman. He still has a good amount of upside because he works hard and his technique is solid. He does end up on the ground more than he should and needs to work on that. A prototypical 3-tech.

6. Zacch Pickens – South Carolina

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Pickens brings prototypical size and length. He is a good athlete with great quickness and speed. Pickens also has an explosive first step. Has a lot of potential as a pass rusher. His pass rush moves and techniques are still raw and need work. There is a lot of raw power in his body, but he needs to learn how to use it better. He has started to come on in 2021 after a slow start to his career. A solid run defender.

7. Travis Jones – UConn

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Jones is a solid overall athlete with good size at 6’4 330. He is a sneaky athlete though, he may be 330 but his body fat % is only 13. So he doesn’t look like what you think he would at his size. He did sit out the 2020 season. Jones shows good agility on film. He has a strong upper body, with big strong hands. Jones tends to be a bit of a slow burn pass rusher. He shows on film to be a decent run defender. He has shown to have trouble with double teams, could learn to be more stout. Jones does need to work on his pad level. Upside is there as a pass rusher if he can develop more than just a rip move.

8. Zachary Carter – Florida

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Carter brings versatility with him having played DE in a 3-4, DE in a 4-3, 3-tech, and 5-tech. For an interior defensive lineman, he might be a little undersized at 285. He does show some natural bend as a pass rusher. Carter has solid but not elite length. Also on film he shows stronger than his size would make you believe. Carter does have good agility. His production has been pretty average for a player of his caliber. Has shown he can be confused by misdirection. Athleticism is just average overall.

9. Deslin Alexandre – Pittsburgh

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Alexandre has been a solid run defender for being a bit undersized. He is a former edge defender that just kept getting bigger. Alexandre still maintains a good amount of his athleticism from his former position. He is explosive. For being an undersized defender he has long arms which helps mitigate his lack of bulk. On film, he has shown the speed to chase down plays from behind. He has shown to have strong hands on film. He does need to improve his hand usage. Alexandre does end up on the ground too much and gets off balance. He also has versatility on his side, he can play up and down the line.

10. Phidarian Mathis – Alabama

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Mathis is a 5th year senior with long arms and big strong hands. He has come in in 2021 now that he has gotten a lot of reps. Mathis is an elite-run defender. His pass-rush production has been lacking though. He sports a quick swim move that could become a go-to pass rush move. Mathis does need to develop more moves if he wants to have an impact on the passing game. He plays hard every down. Mathis lacks elite athleticism. He is a player with a high floor and low ceiling. There is still some room for growth.

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