Transfer Portal Names to Watch

The Transfer Portal. The new mystical land of limitless possibilities in college football. We have seen projected #1 QB’s, former top recruits, and countless sleepers enter the portal. The season isn’t even over yet and we already have plenty of big names to talk about, let’s look at a few of my favorites so far:

Big Names in the Transfer Portal

TCU RB Zach Evans has entered the transfer portal
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Zach Evans, RB

This feels like the easy one. A five-star recruit out of high school and the number 2 RB in his class, Evans recruitment was… a roller coaster. In his last week before commitment, he got projections to five schools: Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Texas A&M, and Texas. He went to none of them. Instead, he went to TCU and now he’s leaving as a sophomore. Where could Evans go? Great question. Maybe one of those schools named — but definitely not Alabama, as they already got Gibbs.

Jadan Blue, WR

Not a huge name, but Blue has been really good for the Temple Owls. Blue will be on the move this off-season and will be looking to move up in the conference ranks to face better talent. Blue is a quick, sure handed wide receiver who will be a huge pickup for whatever team grabs him.

Names You need to know from the Transfer Portal

Cameron Ward, QB

Some of you might be saying “Who?” and well, that’s fair honestly. The quarterback for Incarnate Word is one of the best transfers on the market. With offers from Texas and Texas A&M, Ward isn’t just some guy from a small school. He is very good. Ward threw the football 509 times this year and only had 10 INTs to his 47 TDs. Ole Miss, Virginia Tech, and Western Kentucky have all extended offers to Ward. Ward and Kiffin would be lethal.

Jacob Cowing, WR

The UTEP standout wide receiver is on the move. Luckily for me, he has already posted a top eight teams but we will get to the one I think he joins in a bit. Cowing is really good. High points the ball well, great hands and better route running.

Cowing listed Arizona State, Oregon, LSU, Liberty, Virginia Tech, Arizona, South Carolina, and Miss. State in his latest Instagram post. It would seem South Carolina’s quarterback for next year would like to add Cowing to the Gamecocks offense.

Is the transfer portal killing college football?

No. Don’t listen to Dabo, the transfer portal gives teams chances to add experience to young rosters. More than that though, it gives players another chance. Players don’t decide if a 5-star comes in behind him nor if their coach leaves for a better job. Let the kids make the most of their shot at the NFL.

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