2021 St Louis Blues MVP: Fan Edition

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The St. Louis Blues are on their way to Minnesota for their winter classic game this Saturday. However, it’s time to cherish the ups and downs of 2021 before getting into that game because we are still in 2021 and take a look at the front-runners for team MVP.

The St. Louis Blues have been at the mercy of injuries and COVID-19 protocols all season. It’s been quite ridiculous actually just how little this team has played together. Rather it’s Brayden Schenn, Jordan Kyrou, Robert Thomas, this team has yet to play as a whole.

Now, I know you may be thinking that isn’t true because they played together the first game of the season. If you think back to that game against the Avalanche, that isn’t actually true. The St. Louis Blues were without forward, Oskar Sundqvist that game. Even now, they are without James Neal, Robert Bortuzzo, and Brayden Schenn. Anyways, it’s time to look at the positive.

First, you could say the highlight of this season so far has been the fact that in spite of dealing with everything they have, they are finding ways to win. For example, taking down the Edmonton Oilers this past Wednesday. Most Importantly, I think it has to do with the depth.

2021 St Louis Blues MVP

A couple days ago I went to take a poll and I asked them the question;

“Who do you guys think is the 2021 St Louis Blues MVP?”

The amount of responses has been overwhelming. I felt like I should base this off the public opinion and that’s exactly what I plan to do! So in the following I will include quotes and reasoning behind each player.

Twitter Poll

A couple days ago I took to twitter and asked them who they thought the 2021 MVP was. The options I posted were:

  • Vladimir Tarasenko
  • Jordan Kyrou
  • Robert Thomas
  • Other

Vladimir Tarasenko received seven votes, Jordan Kyrou received one.

As you can tell by the number of votes, that twitter poll wasn’t very active, but good thing Facebook was.

Vladimir Tarasenko

Vladimir Tarasenko. Honestly, there is not enough good things to be said about him. After dealing with injuries, and then this crazy off-season, he’s found a way to get his career back on track.

Tarasenko has always been a Blues favorite, but this season is special. What he’s been able to do for this team in terms of his production- showing up and giving it his all, it’s fun to watch.

Right now he is a point per game player. That’s what makes him so special. He had 25 mentions in the 2021 MVP conversation. Here’s what some people said about him.

” Craziest thing to me is Chuckies numbers, even while the rest of the team was slim. But, for MVP as a whole, I think I have to go with 91. There’s been a lt that has impressed me so far with the team as a whole, but regardless of all the trade talk and whatnot, Vladi has really come through big. Looks like he is finally having fun again.” -Justin McClintok

“Tank Would be my pick as of this point in the season. If Kyrou would’ve stayed healthy and played well in the game he missed, I’d say it be a lot harder to pick.” -Tim Kontuk

“Vladi. Look how many line mates he’s had this year and he’s still a point per game guy. He’s proving all the Vladi haters wrong. Yes, he may be playing to get traded but, he’s playing awesome. He’s backchecking more than ever and his shoulder is looking great(Knock on wood). He has consistently been in the lineup even with all the covid situations and injury situations.” -Paul Graham

Pavel Buchnevich

Vladimir Tarasenko won the 2021 St. Louis Blues MVP with 25 votes. Pavel Buchnevich came in a close second with 24 votes- Deservingly so.

Pavel Buchnevich who had quite the off-season from being traded from the New York Rangers to the St. Louis Blues and then getting a long-term extension. It’s crazy .

“Buchevich is the first to come to mind. He’s carried this team through so many line changes and has proved himself adaptable to all situations. I’d be hard pressed to find anyone on our team making as much consistent contributions – assists/goals/big energy when we’re lacking. He’s our secret weapon.” -Kelly Jurotich

“Buchnevich hands down. Saad was a tier 2 that is playing like a tier 1. Army has that magic just like when we grabbed David Perron. Vladi earns an honorable mention as does Faulk for being a rock back there. All this despite my favorite is the most versatile #49.” -James Kenneth

“Buchnevich. He’s been a game changer. If it was pure excitement…then it’s Kyrou.” -Jason Lankford

Other Players

After Vladimir Tarasenko and Pavel Buchnevich, it’s was quite the drop off for votes. I’m assuming it would’ve been closer had there not been as many injuries as there were, but nonetheless, let’s take a look at the honorable mentions.

Jordan Kyrou: seven votes

Ivan Barbashev: three votes

Justin Faulk: Three votes

Robert Thomas: two votes

Brandon Saad: two votes

Craig Berube: two votes

Charlie Lindgren: one vote

Doug Armstrong: One vote

My Vote for St Louis Blues MVP

The St. Louis Blues are in a great spot after the first half of the season. Somehow, despite the number of injuries they have faced, they’ve continued finding ways to win. Right now, they are in first in the central division. Ahead of Minnesota, Colorado, Nashville, Blackhawks, well everyone in the central.

Why is that? We’ll it’s easy to say that it should be the coach for being able to make things happen. Could be Doug Armstrong because he assembled a terrific team. However, my pick is Vladimir Tarasenko.

Going into the season, it was hard to see a good outcome to this season wit Tarasenko on the roster. That sentence is not to be taken as I didn’t want him here, because I did. I wanted him here. However, he didn’t want to be here. That is what scared me.

Looking at what’s happening now, I don’t think anyone can tell me that if Tarasenko was gone, that we’d be doing as well as we are. I just don’t think that’s realistic. He’s averaging a point per game and has been a great leader.

I’ve been to multiple games this season and I pointed it out to my friend that- every single time the Blues are about to take the ice, there is always one player standing there first. Getting his teammates shin pad taps, chest bumps, and helping his teammates get ready to play. Any guess who it is? that’s right! Vladi.

In my opinion, he’s been the Blues MVP this season for sure. Once a Blue always a Blue, always a Blue.

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