Huge Portal News: Title Contenders and Top QBs

Oklahoma quarterback Caleb Williams has entered the transfer portal
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The Caleb Williams transfer saga is going to change the game. This off-season looked like fun, but it just became game breaking. Holy Monday… college football, you never disappoint. Caleb Williams, a leading Heisman candidate, announced a few hours ago that he is reopening his recruitment by entering the transfer portal. He said “OU is still an option”, but another big name quarterback might have just sealed that door:

What is going on with Caleb Williams:

Welp. Lincoln Riley left and took what feels like Oklahoma’s whole recruiting class with him. Now, OU did get a great consolation prize in Brent Venables and Jeff Lebby. However, Caleb Williams wanted to make sure OU was the best spot. So, he issued this statement:

Who swooped into the OU QB spot:

It’s wild ride for this quarterback: former UCF QB Dillon Gabriel — who already hard committed to UCLA this off-season. People thought he would go to Mississippi, because of Jeff Lebby, but when Lebby left for OU that spot seemed taken. With the Caleb Williams transfer announcement, Gabriel swooped right on in.

Where is Williams going:

Three teams immediately come to mind. With smoke that Georgia wants to try something new at QB… getting Williams definitely accomplishes that. Ole Miss just seems unfair, with them adding Zach Evans. I mean, come on. Lane Kiffin would be able to run whatever play he wants whenever he wants. Lastly, and the obvious one — USC with Lincoln Riley. This would then send Jaxson Dart into the portal, causing yet another chain reaction.

My Caleb Williams Transfer Prediction:

I am going to go out on a limb and say Caleb Williams will end up at Georgia. They’re the best team and they have some deep NIL pockets. It would set Williams up for success in a huge way. OU will be just fine in the Big 12 without him, and they still have time to add another blue chip quarterback before they join the SEC.

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