When I Expect This Texas Longhorn Star To Enter The Transfer Portal

The transfer portal has basically put free agency into college football and the players are rightfully taking advantage of it. Today I’ll delve into when I expect this one-time Texas Longhorn star to enter into the transfer portal.

Hudson Card

Hudson Card

Coming out of 2021 spring ball many thought Card would be the starter heading into the season opener against Louisiana Lafayette. That turned out to be the case with Card winning the QB1 job and running with it in game 1. However, that was not the case in game 2 against Arkansas.

Card couldn’t get anything going against the Razorbacks and seemed to be missing open receivers down the field. With all of his mistakes and poor play Sark decided to hand the job over to Casey Thompson. Thompson ran with it and never gave Card the opportunity to regain the prized QB1 job.

Now fast forward to December 12, 2021. A day Texas fans will remember for years to come; Quinn Ewers officially announces his intentions to transfer to Texas. Everyone in and around the Texas Longhorns program knows Ewers will be QB1 going into the 2022 season.

So where does that leave Hudson Card?

Hudson Card Spring Game/Texas Longhorn Transfer Portal

Well, the former top 60 player has a few options. He can either stick it out and hope at getting a shot at some point, he can enter the portal right now, or he can wait until after spring ball to transfer. I’m going to break down what I believe his decision will be.

Option 1: Stick It Out

I think this is the least likely option for Card. A player of his caliber doesn’t want to sit on the bench for multiple years. However, Sarkisian might be able to sell him on development for the NFL, example: Mac Jones. If Sark can convince Card to stick it out and wait his turn, I would be very surprised, but Sark has surprised me before.

Option 2: Hit The Portal ASAP

I could very well see this happening. It would not surprise me one bit if Card enters the transfer portal tomorrow. This option would give him time to get a spot at a mid-tier power 5 program before they all fill up. However, I don’t think this is the route Card takes.

Option 3: Enter The Portal After Spring Ball

If I were a betting man, I would go all in on option 3. I think Card is going to stick it out through the spring to see if he can even compete for the QB1 job over Ewers. Card isn’t afraid of competition as we saw over the past year. I also think it would be good to have someone to compete against Ewers. Do I think Card can beat out Ewers for the QB1 job? Absolutely not, but I think it would be good for him to build up his confidence in the spring before looking at other programs.

Hudson Card

In Closing

With the addition of the new transfer portal rules college football will never be the same, and maybe that’s a good thing. It makes it easier for players buried on the depth chart to find new homes quickly. I expect Card to find a new home after spring ball, and if he does, we should all wish him nothing but the best going forward.

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  1. From all I can tell, HC is a class guy. I really will be a fan of his, no matter what. What I’m saying next is what I sense but cannot prove necessarily. First, though, I think Sark found himself in a tough spot with the 2 quarterbacks. I sense some on the team favored CT, to the point they did not put out the same effort, perhaps, for HC. There WAS a lack of effort, that is not a guess. Sark is too smart to know that judging Hudson on that Arkansa assault is not equal to judging CT against Rice. That always bothered me. I sense he stayed with CT to keep that team together. Plus, it was a 6 of one and half dozen deal … I don’t think HC had the ability to be the leader, and yet the team splintered even with Casey. So, whatever, HC has been a class guy and is handling all of this left me a man.

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