Giants Head Coach Search: The Good, Great and Surprising

giants head coach
credit: @Krum_13

It actually happened, The New York football Giants fired Joe Judge and let Dave Gettelman “retire”. general manager interviews are already happening and the new GM will have complete control over who he (or she) wants as head coach. The search for the next Giants head coach begins now:

Sanket (@itsmesanketshah), Felix (@FootballPapi) and I will be discussing my three favorite candidates for the position. This could all change based on who the GM, but for right now these are the three we will talk about.

Who should be the Giants Head Coach

Former Head Coach Brian Flores

Luke- I am hesitant with Flores, very hesitant. However, this is not because hes a bad head coach but because he can’t pick an OC for the life of him. 4 OCs in 3 years isn’t great. I also think he will want win right away and we are not set up for that.

Sanket- Firstly, Flores has shown that he can build a team from the ground up. Second, Shouldn’t have gotten fired in Miami. Now, the question is whether he can create a good offense and find a good coordinator.

Felix- A Brooklyn native, Flores returning home would be a tremendous hire off of his track record as head coach with the Miami Dolphins. Despite alleged conflict with the front office, Flores still restored Miami to a competitive team/roster that went 4-2 versus the Patriots. Would that power dynamic happen again in New York is the true question regarding his fit with Big Blue.

Bills OC Brian Daboll

Luke- The best fit with Joe Schoen and he is GM1 right now. Daboll has had success everywhere he went. Furthermore, he’s great offensive mind who works with a really good staff in Buffalo. Therefore, Daboll is not a bad option by any means.

Sanket- Daboll helped turned Josh Allen into a superstar in Buffalo. He seems to be well respect around the league as hes considered for many HC jobs. Most likely, Daboll would be paired with Joe Schoen so that’s a plus.

Felix- An offensive mind with a sturdy resume, Daboll has accelerated the growth of Bills quarterback Josh Allen, so much so that Allen’s sub-60% completion percentage in college is a concern of the past. He’s shown that he can win with injuries to the offense, and has coached up players to be consistent contributors. He’s an ideal hire considering the Giants offense has been wildly inept.

Minnasota Gophers HC PJ Fleck

Luke- Now, while Fleck is my number one option. I have zero faith in it happening. However, Fleck has proven he can win with limited talent and can develop players well. These two traits are the two that the Giants really need in a head coach.

Sanket- Fleck a college guy that seems to be well respected. Furthermore, he helped make Minnesota into a bowl program. Always risky hiring college guys for NFL HC jobs.

Felix- One of the few college coaches that strikes gold everywhere he goes, Fleck has truly built a strong culture at the University of Minnesota, molding a contender in the Big Ten conference. He did the same at Western Michigan prior to that, and is known for generating strong buy-in with players, often dominating the recruiting trail.

It would be an experiment, but Fleck has flashed that it-factor for a strong head coach that is efficient on and off the field. Would he be like Matt Rhule or Jim Harbaugh?

Who else could be the Giants Head Coach?

Lastly, I am going to run through a list of guys who could also become the Giants head coach:

  • Kevin O’Connell, Rams offensive coordinator
  • Mike McDaniel, 49ers offensive coordinator
  • Kellen Moore, Cowboys offensive coordinator
  • Eric Bieniemy, Chiefs offensive coordinator

All in all, there are plenty of good options for the next Giants GM to chose from, but they better move fast as these guys are going to fly off the shelves.

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