Martin Emerson Scouting Report

Martin Emerson Scouting Report
Credit: Mississippi State Athletics

Around the Block Network is starting off scouting reports for the 2022 NFL Draft. This is the Martin Emerson scouting report.

The college football season slowly coming to a close. It’s now time to transition to coverage of the 2022 NFL Draft. As many prospects begin to take the next step in their career to pursue an opportunity towards the NFL, it is our job as scout’s to cover their skills. The first player that I will cover in this draft class is Mississippi State cornerback Martin Emerson. With Mississippi State recently producing current Minnesota Vikings cornerback Cameron Dantzler, Emerson will look to follow in the lineage of recent Mississippi State cornerback prospects in the NFL.

Martin Emerson Scouting Report

Below are a short list of pro’s and cons of Emerson

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