Spyre Sports Collab leads the Attack on NIL and Tennessee Athletics

The 1951 club, established to make an impact for Tennessee with NIL
BrandoATB/VolScoops and Rockytopology collab with Spyre Sports via the 1951 Club

Brando from ATB and Rocktopology are very excited to announce our collaboration with Spyre Sports via the 1951 Club! What is Spyre, you ask? Spyre is leading the attack on N.I.L. (Name, Image, & Likeness) programs for Tennessee recruiting. And YOU, as a fan, can make all the difference in landing your favorite recruit and the next great Vol! Let’s break down how all of this works!

Spyre has created the “1951 Club” as a way for fans to be involved in N.I.L. deals while receiving some benefits. If you are interested in checking it out, you can go to our website: https://spyresports.com and click “1951 Club” and enter password “attack”. You can also just make a one-time donation here, https://spyresports.com/featured-project…

Where Do Your Donations Go?

Ninety percent of every dollar generated through fan donations and the 1951 Club will go to athletes. The other ten percent will go towards our overhead costs for the program. Anyone who donates will be included in our email list. You will receive a fun and informative monthly newsletter. You will also receive other updates throughout the month detailing new signings, event announcements, and more specifics on exactly how we are spending this money and on which athletes.

It is true that the University of Tennessee cannot have any official involvement. So, to create legitimacy for Spyre and what they are doing, we established relationships with Tennessee’s largest donors and have their complete support.

You can check out Brando’s post here as well as Rockytopology’s part of the collab here. Also, make sure to follow their Instagrams to stay up-to-date regarding Tennessee and Spyre : @VolScoops @Rockytopology and @SpyreSports.

You asked and so we delivered. Now let’s help the University of Tennessee have the best and most powerful N.I.L. program in the nation!

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