Should the Arizona Cardinals Fire General Manager Steve Keim?

Arizona Cardinals general manager Steve Keim
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The Arizona Cardinals promoted Steve Keim to general manager on January 8th, 2013. This happened after the team decided to part ways with former GM Rod Graves. In his time in Arizona, Keim has made some great moves, but also some not great ones. Here in this article we will examine the highs and lows of his tenure so far and decide whether the good outweighs the bad, or vice versa.

The Good

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Steve Keim is by no means the best GM in the NFL. But he has done a lot of good for the team, whether fans like to acknowledge it or not. Something that Keim has shined at are trades. Many of the different stars on the Cardinals were traded for.

The first major trade that Keim made was the acquisition of quarterback Carson Palmer from the Oakland Raiders. In the trade Keim only gave up a 6th and a conditional pick in the following draft. During his time with the Cardinals, Palmer broke countless records and is now in the team’s ring of honor.

The second major trade that Keim made was for star pass rusher Chandler Jones from the New England Patriots. In the trade, he shipped off bust first-round pick Jonathan Cooper and a second, for the now four-time Pro Bowler.

Finally, Keim’s biggest move as GM of the Cardinals was the trade for All-Pro wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins. Hopkins is arguable the best at his position in the league. In his first year with the team he once again made the Pro Bowl and went for well over 1,000 yards on the season. Hopkins really showed how important he was to the team after they went 1-3 following his injury this year.

The Bad

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Even though Steve Keim is a wizard when it comes to trades, his drafting over the years has been questionable. His first round picks rarely see a second contract and he has rarely hit on his others. In fact, his only first round pick to see a second contract is left tackle DJ Humphries. Every other one has either been traded like quarterback Josh Rosen and guard Jonathan Cooper, or not re-signed.

The team still has Kyler Murray, Isaiah Simmons, and Zaven Collins on their rookie contracts. Even though some of these guys are still young and on the team, it is not exactly looking good for them. All this year rookie first round pick Zaven Collins rarely played, even though he was the “day one starter” when he was drafted.

In their playoff loss to the Rams, Collins and second-year first round pick Isaiah Simmons played a combined total of 23 snaps. It is hard to be a winning football team when you are getting little to no production from your first round picks.


The Arizona Cardinals should fire general manager Steve Keim. His lack of ability to draft good players has hurt the team. While he has made some good trades for stars, those stars haven’t always been able to stay healthy. It is here where his drafting deficiency hurts the team, because it has left them with almost no depth. The team would benefit greatly from moving on, and should probably focus on retaining current GM candidate Adrian Wilson for their future opening.

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