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Joe Brady while coaching at LSU
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The Chicago Bears have their general manager and head coach now in place with Ryan Poles and Matt Eberflus, respectively. Now, the Chicago Bears offensive coordinator job has become the hottest coordinator job on the market. With Matt Eberflus being a naturally defensive-minded coach, the Bears offense will run through whoever the offensive coordinator is. If Justin Fields flourishes in this new offense, the Chicago Bears offensive coordinator would be on the fast track to a potential head coaching job of his choosing.

This job opening has also become priority number one for Ryan Poles and Matt Eberflus. With Justin Fields being well regarded as a prospect and extremely talented, they must find an offensive coordinator who can amplify his skill set. Without further ado, let’s run through this list of potential offensive coordinator candidates!

Mike Kafka, 34 years old

Currently: Kansas City Chiefs — Quarterback coach and passing game coordinator

Mike Kafka was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. Kafka is an Alumnus of Saint Rita Catholic High School, as well as Northwestern University. Kafka’s roots are in Chicago and would be a nice fit culturally.

Kafka would also be a great fit schematically for Justin Fields. Kafka has spent most of his coaching career with Andy Reid and Patrick Mahomes. I understand if Bears fans are skeptical of taking another offensive mind from the Chiefs after what we saw in Matt Nagy’s offense. However, Kafka has the benefit of learning from some of Matt Nagy’s mistakes. He also has the benefit of only having to worry about the offense.

Kafka would have less talent at the skill positions than what is currently in Kansas City. However, Darnell Mooney is a great deep threat and although Cole Kmet hasn’t lived up to his draft status, he is still an incredible athlete at the tight end position. David Montgomery and Khalil Herbert seem to be a dynamic duo in the backfield as well. With Justin Fields this offense has the ability to be special if used and developed correctly.

Joe Brady, 32 years old

Most recently: Carolina Panthers — Offensive coordinator

Joe Brady is seemingly the internet’s favorite offensive coordinator. His meteoric rise has seemed to only hit a slight set back with his firing this past season.

Brady’s “claim to fame” is his work as LSU’s passing game coordinator and wide receivers coach in 2019. Joe Burrow and the staff credited Joe Brady and his innovations in the passing game as a huge reason for LSU’s historical season offensively. Brady then went on to become the Carolina Panthers offensive coordinator in 2020 until being fired in week 12 of the 2021 NFL season.

Joe Brady would bring a spread-out, pass-first offense. Letting the pass game setup the run game. Joe Brady does not have a track record of working with quarterbacks with the athleticism and movement skills that Justin Fields possesses. Incorporating Fields into the running game should be a focal point for all potential coordinators when interviewing.

Alfonza “Pep” Hamilton, 47 years old

Currently: Houston Texans — Quarterback coach and passing game coordinator

Alfonza “Pep” Hamilton should be a name Bears fans recognize, as he was the quarterbacks coach for the Chicago Bears from 2007-2009. Hamilton then went on to eventually become the head coach and general manager of the XFL team: DC Defenders. Before the XFL folded after one season.

Pep Hamilton then came back to the NFL as a quarterbacks coach for the Los Angeles Chargers, where he helped Justin Herbert develop and win offensive rookie of the year. Hamilton also just finished the 2021 season with rookie quarterback, Davis Mills with the Houston Texans. Mills had a surprisingly good rookie year as a third round draft pick and Pep Hamilton has received some credit for the work he’s done.

It seems like Pep Hamilton can develop quarterbacks, which is exactly what Chicago needs right now. Justin Fields is a premier talent with athleticism that can be fit into any offensive scheme imaginable. Pep Hamilton’s potential second time around in Chicago should make Bears fans very excited about the future of this team.

Other Notable Chicago Bears Offensive Coordinator Candidates

Below I have another list of potential offensive coordinators for the Chicago Bears. However, these are less likely for one reason or another and are just names to keep an eye on moving forward.

  • Kevin Patullo: Passing game coordinator for the Philadelphia Eagles
  • Mike McDaniel: Offensive coordinator for the San Francisco 49ers
  • Jason Garrett: Most recently the offensive coordinator for the New York Giants
  • Luke Getsy: Quarterbacks coach and passing game coordinator for the Green Bay Packers


Overall, the Chicago Bears need to get this hire correct. Ryan Poles, Matt Eberflus, and the next offensive coordinator have to be in lock-step on every personnel move going forward on the offensive side of the ball. The Bears have some talent offensively, most importantly with Justin Fields and Darnell Mooney. The jury is still out on Teven Jenkins with his injury riddled rookie season and Cole Kmet is looking more and more like a mistake as a second round draft pick who has two touchdowns in two seasons.

Who do you want to be the Chicago Bears offensive coordinator? Comment and let us know! Also be sure to follow us: @bears_atb and @ryanmcaloon on Twitter! Until next time, peace!

Chicago Bears Offensive Coordinator

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